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WIP: List of Plugins

Name Type Version Last Changed Author Description Minimum requiered
EG Version
EventGhost Core
(always loaded)
1.0.0 Bitmonster Here you find actions that mainly control the core functionality of EventGhost.
Mouse Core
(always loaded)
1.0.0 Bitmonster Gives you actions to control the mouse pointer and emulation of mouse events.
System Core
(always loaded)
1.1.0 Bitmonster Controls different aspects of your system, like sound card, graphics card, power management, et cetera.
Window Core
(always loaded)
1.0.0 Bitmonster Actions that are related to the control of windows on the desktop, like finding specific windows, move, resize and send keypresses to them.
ATI Remote Wonder II Remote Receiver 1.0.2 Bitmonster Plugin for the ATI Remote Wonder II remote. Forum-Thread
BT8x8 based remote Remote Receiver 0.0.0 Chris B AverTvStudio remote, may work for other bt8x8 cards. Requires Dscaler to be installed.
Conceptronic CLLRCMCE Remote Receiver 1.0.0 Bitmonster Plugin for the Conceptronic Remote Control for Windows® Media Center.
ELV FS20 PCE Remote Receiver 1.1.614 Bartman Allows to receive events from FS20 remote controls. Forum-Thread
EventPhone Remote Remote Receiver 1.0.1 Melloware In EventGhost iPhone client for controlling your home automation from the comfort of your iPhone or iPod Touch using EventPhone native app. Homepage
Generic HID Remote Receiver 1.5.1246 Bartman Communication with devices that follow the Human Interface Device (HID) standard. Forum-thred
Hauppauge IR Remote Receiver 1.04.1093 Stefan Gollmer Hardware plugin for the Hauppauge IR Control, delivered with several Hauppauge TV cards Forum-thred
Home Electronics Tira Remote Receiver 1.0 Bitmonster Hardware plugin for the Home Electronics Tira transceiver. Forum-Thread
IgorPlug-USB Remote Receiver 1.1.1175 Bitmonster Plugin for Igor Cesko’s USB IR receiver.
Joystick Remote Receiver 1.0.1175 Bitmonster Use joysticks and gamepads as input devices for EventGhost.
Keene IR Anywhere (KIRA) Remote Receiver 1.0.5 ldobson Hardware plugin for the Keene Electronics IR Anywhere transceiver
Keyboard Remote Receiver 1.0.1175 Bitmonster This plugin generates events on keypresses (hotkeys).
LIRC Client Remote Receiver 0.7.5 18.07.2009 jinxdone Plugin for sending and receiving LIRC eventstrings. Generates EventGhost events based on data received from the LIRC-server. Forum-Thread
Logitech UltraX Media Remote Remote Receiver 1..0. Bitmonster Plugin for the Logitech UltraX Media Remote.
Mouse Event Other 1.0.0 2012-03-21 phlox Fires events on mouse actions like mouse move, clicks and wheel 4.1 Forum-Thread
Standby Control Other 1.12 2012-03-21 Prinz, phlox Provides tools and functions in order to build a sophisticated standby control environment. 4.1 Forum-Thread
DVBViewer Program Control 3.0.1 2012-10-01 Bitmonster, Nativityplay, Prinz, phlox Adds functions to control DVBViewer Pro/GE and RecordingService and fires events on state changes 4.1 Forum-Thread
Network data rate monitor Other 1.00.1225 Prinz Monitors the transfer rate of different interfaces of the network and fires events if inbound or outbound traffic is above or below configurable limits Forum-Thread
EG Application Control Program Control 0.2.1 2012-11-16 phlox Provides actions to control the EventGhost application itself, like 'Restart Program', 'Save Configuration', 'Minimize Window' and others. Provides a screen log monitor which fires an event when a specified search string occurs. 4.1 Forum-Thread
Soundgraph iMON VFD/LCD Display External Equipment 0.2.1 2013-01-04 phlox Displays arbitrary text on a SoundGraph iMON VFD or LCD Display. 4.1 Forum-Thread
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