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You can place a folder in your configuration tree to store macros (and other folders) to keep your collection of EventGhost activities organized.

Creating a Folder

Creating a folder is as simple as clicking where in the configuration tree you want the folder to appear, and then clicking the New Folder (Folder.png) button on the toolbar, or clicking the Configuration menu and selecting "Add Folder..."

Disabling a Folder

You can choose to disable a folder, either manually or from an action. Macros in a disabled folder (or a folder that is contained in a disabled folder) will not run automatically, even if their events trigger.

To manually disable a folder, right-click on it and select "Disable Item." Disabled items will have a red "X" over their icon.

You can enable and disable folders using any of these actions: Action.pngDisable Item, Action.pngEnable Item, Action.pngEnable Item Exclusively. This can be useful for changing EventGhost's behaviour based on specific events; for example, enabling a range of macros relating to projection screens only when your projection screen is turned on.

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