User Contributed Configs

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Using File->Open, File->Save and File->Save As, users of EventGhost can freely load and save their configs.

But, did you know that you can freely combine different configs? Yes, first save your current config file under some easily recognizable name for you using File->Save As. Then, just load some other config (xml file) using File->Open. There you can right click on any folder or macro, select Copy, and then use File->Open to load your original config tree back into EventGhost, and now you can use Paste function to merge config parts into your existing config.

Here are some configs that can come in handy...

  • event_ghost_xml_for_videolan_vlc - basic configuration for common MCE RC and VideoLAN VLC player controls (play/pause, forward/reverse 10 secs/1 min, volume +/1 1/10 clicks, aspect and cropping cycles, snapshot)