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Plugin Information
Name Keyboard
Authors Bitmonster
Current Version1 1.0.1175
Official Website N/A
Forum Page N/A
Source Code [1]
Type Input Devices
Source Bundled
Minimum EventGhost Version N/A

1 This is the current version as of this page's last update. Newer versions may be available.

This wiki page may be out of date. Always consult the above website and forum links for possibly updated information.

This plugin generates events whenever any key (or combination of keys) is pressed on the keyboard. This lets you create hotkeys which you can map to macros.


This plugin has a single setting, called Universal Modifiers. (Modifiers are keys such as Shift, Ctrl, and Alt.)

If you enable this option, then the modifier keys on the left and right sides of the keyboard are treated as being identical keys. Otherwise, the keys generate different actions depending on whether you pressed the left or right key (this is the default behaviour).


Key Pressed Universal Modifiers Generated Event
Left Shift Disabled Event.pngKeyboard.LShift
Enabled Event.pngKeyboard.Shift
Right Shift Disabled Event.pngKeyboard.RShift
Enabled Event.pngKeyboard.Shift

Both approaches can be useful in different situations. You should enable universal modifiers if you do not want to create separate events for each side of your keyboard.


Events are generated for all keys, including all combinations of keys. The easiest way to find the event you want is to temporarily disable "Log only assigned and activated events", press the key(s) you want, and then drag the resulting events from the event log into your macro of choice in the configuration tree.

Events generated by this plugin have no payload.

Events generated by this plugin are enduring, which means they're considered active for as long as the key combination is held down.

Important Note

When you map a key or key combo to a macro, the original function of that key or combo will no longer be generated for as long as that macro is enabled. For example, if you use Event.pngLWin+D to trigger a macro, you will no longer be able to use that key combination to show the Windows desktop.

If the macro, or any folder which contains it, is disabled, then the key combination will no longer be blocked, and will resume its normal function.


This plugin provides no actions.

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