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Plugin Information
Name Directory Watcher
Authors Bitmonster
Current Version1 N/A
Official Website N/A
Forum Page [1]
Source Code [2]
Type General
Source Bundled
Minimum EventGhost Version N/A

1 This is the current version as of this page's last update. Newer versions may be available.

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This plugin watches a directory that you specify, and generates events whenever a file is created, deleted, or changed in that directory.


Setting Default Description
Watch path The full path to the directory whose contents you wish to watch.
Watch subdirectories also False Whether to watch the specified directory only, or all subdirectories within it. Enabling this option uses extra resources.


For all of the following events, the payload is a tuple whose only element is the complete path to the file or directory which caused the event to be generated.

Event Payload? Enduring? Description
Event.pngDirectoryWatcher.Created Y N A new file or directory has been created.
Event.pngDirectoryWatcher.Updated Y N Either:
  • a file's contents or attributes have changed, or
  • a directory has had a new file created in it.
Event.pngDirectoryWatcher.Deleted Y N A file or directory has been removed.

Important Note

If you wish to watch more than one directory for changes, you can install multiple instances of this plugin into your configuration tree. However, the events generated will have different prefixes. Events generated by the second directory watched will begin with Event.pngDirectoryWatcher2., the third directory will generate events starting with Event.pngDirectoryWatcher3., and so on.

This can be confusing, but it can also be helpful, if you want to perform the same action on all new files in one directory, but perform a different action on all new files in another directory.

EventGhost is smart enough to keep the numbering of the plugins the same, even if you delete them or reorder them in your Autostart.pngAutostart.


This plugin provides no actions.

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