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Plugin Information
Name Desktop Remote
Authors Bitmonster
Current Version1 1.0.1158
Official Website N/A
Forum Page [1]
Source Code [2]
Type General
Source Bundled
Minimum EventGhost Version N/A

1 This is the current version as of this page's last update. Newer versions may be available.

This wiki page may be out of date. Always consult the above website and forum links for possibly updated information.

This plugin creates a window on your desktop that resembles a remote control. You can customize the buttons that appear, and what they do.


There are three steps to creating a desktop remote control using this plugin:

  1. Create the remote using Action.pngCreate New Remote
  2. Add one or more buttons using Action.pngAdd Button
  3. Make the remote visible to the user using Action.pngShow

If you hide the standard window decorations on the remote in the first step, then you will also need a fourth step: an action to remove the remote from the screen using Action.pngClose.


This plugin has no configuration options.


Event Payload? Enduring? Description
Event.pngDesktopRemote.* N Y These events are generated by the buttons on the desktop remote when they are clicked. The The event suffix is specified by individual Action.pngAdd Button actions.


Create New Remote

Setting Default {·} Description
Caption Remote N The name of the new remote control window you wish to create.

This action is the first step in creating a new desktop remote.

There are many other options for customizing the appearance of the remote, which are omitted here for brevity.

Add Button

Setting Default {·} Description
Label (no default) N The label to show on the button.
Event (no default) N The suffix of the event that will be generated when this button is clicked.

Adds a new button to the latest remote created by Action.pngCreate New Remote. Adds this button to the right of the last button that was created, unless you put a Action.pngStart New Line action before it.

There are many other options for customizing the button, which are omitted here for brevity.

Start New Line

Buttons created after this action are created below buttons created before it.


Causes the remote control window to appear at the screen location that you specify. Can optionally be set to always appear on top, so it can't be hidden behind other windows.

Only one desktop remote can appear at a time; any other visible remote controls are closed when a new one is opened.


Closes the desktop remote control.

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