Samsung Smart TV Plus

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Re: Samsung Smart TV Plus

Post by brentk » Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:07 am

kgschlosser wrote:
Sat Sep 28, 2019 3:40 am
well I am the guy that was working on the backend that HASS is/was going to use to connect to the TV's.
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Re: Samsung Smart TV Plus

Post by holdestmade » Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:51 am

Hey, @kgschlosser, long time no speak.

I'm just letting you know that someone has gotten the Samsung plug in to work on HA with my Q7 2018 TV, not sure if you want to have a look: ... ree/v1.2.1

Cheers for all you did in the past

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Re: Samsung Smart TV Plus

Post by kgschlosser » Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:20 pm


The reason why I stopped working on it was because of the user of Home assistant driving me coo coo. and the author of home assistant not wanting to help with the home assistant side of things. I have been improving python-openzwave and it's the same tune from the author of home-assistant doesn't want to get involved in writing an interface for it. But is all about complaining about the number of changes. I got into both of those things for EventGhost not HASS.

If I can dial in with a single person that knows how to follow directions and report back the information that I ask for I could finish it up in probably an hour or 2. But for some crazy reason it seems as tho the users of HASS do not want to follow direction and provide the information I am asking for. They keep on modifying things and reporting that their changes do not work. A person can only deal with so much of that before it gets to a point where it is simply to aggravating to do. I own 2 Samsung TV's one of them has been in a box the better part of 5 years. the other is used as background noise for my pets.

I have 4 samsung galaxy note phones 3 of them lock up at random times even after a hard reset and the 4th took a < 2 foot drop to a carpeted floor and the screen went black and will not come on, this phone was 3 weeks old when this happened. through those 4 phones there have been probably been no less then 10 warranty claims and new phones sent.. never have I gone past a year before upgrading to the newest model because of problems with the one that I had..hoping that the new model would be better. after the screen going black i changed brands to oneplus... This was when the company was still new and they had only released a single phone. I do not know how this happened but with a 5+ million person waiting list to get the new model of their phone when it was was released I ended up getting the phone about a week after they released it. 4 years I had that phone before I got a new oneplus. 4 years.. I had a single issue with it and is the reason why i got a newer model.. the cellular stopped working on it. But this is probably due to the fact that a year in i dropped the phone and the screen broke... it had been losing pieces of the screen for 3 years. there was a hole right through the thing. I could see the inside.. phone still kept working.. So the cellular stopping working is

It was funny.. I was standing in Costco staring at a Samsung TV and I was going to buy it so I would be able to finish the library... then I thought why??!? I hate Samsung because of how the company doesn't stand behind the products they manufacturer.. And they like to play games with their consumers over warranty issues. If a product has an engineering flaw they "discontinue" the part and state to you the 10 year warranty doesn't matter because the part is discontinued, and as it would turn out the actual manufacturer of the part (who is not Samsung) has done no such thing and the part is still very much still available. Samsung discontinued the part in their system so they would not have to pay out on warranty claims. So I would not give that company another penny from me. They are crooks, look at the whole thing with the washing machines that are exploding.. the massive recall on that and hardly anyone is getting their machines fixed.. because Samsung says the parts are not available.. and on the ones that have gotten fixed there are problems with the new parts and Samsung is telling the customers that it's physical damage and denying the claim.
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