Sorry about the server being down

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Sorry about the server being down

Post by kgschlosser » Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:24 am

This is so stupid. I went to pay the bill for th webhosting plan on the 14th of November. and it was broken. I could not make a payment. I reported the issue on the same day. after 2-3 days of the typical "try a different browser" "log in again" kind of BS they then started to tell me it was my PayPal account.. I said HOLD UP! no it isn't. You aren't even offering paypal as a form of payment. so how can it be my PayPal doing that!?!?!?.... so the ticket gets set to "In Process" before that happened I told them right out then better not suspend my account for non payment if this thing isn't fixed by the 23rd.. well low and behold. it wasn't fixed. and they suspended my service. so back to sending yet another ticket in.. and those ass holes (no better word to describe it) said "Well you should have paid your bill" WTF!?!?!? I said hey hey hey.. hey hey hey hey. That shit is broken. I reported it on the 14th of this month.. the guy says back to me.. this is the first time we have ever heard of any kind of an issue.. BULL SHIT!!!.. At that time i sent them scree shots of the problem. The guy says have you tried to pay again???... My answer was.. why would I? the ticket says "In Progress" which means I guess that the person is sitting there scratching their arse and doing nothing. So I tried again.. FAILED.. I took screen shots again. This time buttons has been removed. but the one to pay with paypal does not work. So then i go on to explain to the gentleman the whole process again. and send the screen shots from the first time i reported it along with the screen shots from the second time. explain that I do not have control over what payment methods the hosting company offers.. and that they should turn my service back on because this is not my fault it is theirs..

so as it goes all day back and forth getting no where...
So I am poking about their website trying to find something that might offer some kind of a clue. and i locate another way to get into the billing/invoices. but this way is completely different from the other.. right down to what clearing house is used to process the payment. That one worked and took the payment. But failed to report it to the hosting company for another 5 hours to have the service turned back on.

I was ready to reach through the screen and choke someone.

So needless to say.. I think I may move once again. there seems to be a change in people at that company or something because everything is going to hell./.. in 2 and a 1/2 months we have had the server down for 3 days because of crap on their end. and it was all things that could have been avoided or if handled properly would never had cause the server outage.

There seems to be something going on with their server anyways.. at any given point i go and look at the CPU use and it's not bad percentage wise. but the server is slow as shit. and I am getting disk timeout errors. crap like that. So something is up. Its a KVM VPS so you can't really oversell the thing. because the memory and CPU cores are allocated to us and no one else can use it. even if we aren't. But if something is amiss in the hypervisor layer then it's going to cascade down to all of the VM's

I should be able to run Windows Server on this VPS 4 gig with 4 cores @ 2.3 more then enough. I doubt I could run Unity let along Windows Server.

But I happened across a hosting company that seems to have really good feedback for the people using it. and this is not feedback on their site. it is feedback on a neutral site. and the price is cheaper then what we are paying now. We also get more memory. same number of CPU cores. I am trying to see if we can possibly bump up to 6 cores and 6 gigs. I am not sure how 4 @ 4 is supposed to run. my only reference is our current host. That is what I allocate for a windows VM here at my house. and it runs without issue. If it is supposed to be the same then there is something really wrong with the server. I have tried to get them to look into it.. they have been brushing me off..

It should be a whole lot easier to move if needs be. everything is pretty much done. just need to do a backup. and a restore on the new machine. I am thinking of running Windows Server on the new one. because it will run EventGhost. I think I can do up some kind of a live demo for people to try it.. There is so much out there in the way of application sharing (like RDP) there has to be somethign that would allow it to be displayed in a browser window.

things to look into is all..

I will keep you informed.. as fo right now we are paid for another month with this company. This is a black friday special they are offering so I am hoping I get in on the deal It is a wicket good price. 80.00 bucks a year. 4 cores @ 2.3, 6 gig ram, 100 gig RAID 1/0 SATA array, Gbe network, 10Tb bandwidth and I can have windows server 2012 installed at no additional charge. licensed and all
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Re: Sorry about the server being down

Post by slattynan » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:38 pm

I hope you forwarded them that post!

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