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Post by Pako » Tue May 26, 2015 9:02 am

Plugin to control cheap ICstation USB Relay Board series ICSE01XA.

Warning Notice:
Particularly for users of Windows 8 !
Do not install the latest drivers from the website Prolific !
It does not work !
It is necessary to use older drivers that support ("fake") chip PL-2303HX.

There are three types of boards:
ICSE012A - 4 channels
ICSE013A - 2 channels
ICSE014A - 8 channels

It is possible to buy these boards preferably also through the eBay (free shipping may be).

  • These boards are actually very cheap, but you must reckon with some drawbacks as well:
    1. After powering up (connection to USB port) all relays are switched ON.
    2. There is absolutely no feedback. We can not read the status of each channel. Plugin has to maintain a "picture" of the state in its memory.
    3. There is no command to reset boards.
    4. The type of board can be read only once during the initialization (after powering up). Then it is impossible to read anything.
    5. The boards have no serial number. Operating system can not distinguish between the two "identical" boards (actually it can be completely different device that uses a Prolific chip). The operating system assigns a port number based on the USB port.
Plugin ICS_Relay - version 0.0
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Re: ICS_Relay

Post by kkl » Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:51 pm

Pako, thanks so much for sharing this plug-in and explaining all of the devices faults. I'm using it successfully with an inexpensiveMETechs drapery controller. For anyone looking for the older Prolific driver, there's a good article here.

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