Dresden Electronics - deConZ Plugin

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Dresden Electronics - deConZ Plugin

Post by Medy » Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:47 pm

deConZ Plugin v 0.1

This Plugin connects to the deconz Api via websocket.

What is deconZ ? :
You have acces to a wide range of Zigbee devices locally.
Combine that with Eventghost ... and you have an easy to use Home Automation

-Conbee II Stick

v.0.1 - Sensor Events
- for now the Plugin only generates events for changes
- the plugin has no actions as of now
tested with sensors : Xiomi Aqara Multisensor , Door Windows Sensor , Xiaomi Cube

These devices occasionally send updates on idle as well ...

Planned Update
- Plugin Query Action - to request data yourself

- Setup your devices in the deconz App
> Download plugin file from my Google Drive link
> install via the .egplugin file ... Done ... Events will be generated on changes

NOTE : For now you need to adjust the ip and port yourself ... I hardcoded ws:// in the plugin :D
I will later make this automatic ...

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