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Post by kgschlosser » Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:52 am

ClimateTalk protocol development.

This thrd is going to be dedicated to the reverse engineering of HVAC equipment that uses the ClimateTalk protocol. Rheem\Ruud uses this protocol in their HVAC and also their water heaters. The units MUST be communicating and that system needs to be called Comfort Control 2. The current communicating system they use is EcoNet which I believe is a variant of the ClimateTalk protocol and could possibly be reverse engineered from the development that is done here. There are several other manufacturers that use the ClimateTalk protocol. You would have to do some digging to find out.

The ClimateTalk protocol is what is used as communications between Thermostat, Furnace and AC. It is NOT any kind of a web interface and will require the purchase of a few electronic devices in order to make the interface happen. The total cost of the electronic devices is < 5.00 USD. If you have a device that uses the ClimateTalk protocol are are willing to help and test and send us logged data from you system. And you have no issues with purchasing one of these devices then let me know. I can eithet a device together for you and send it to you all set up and ready to be connected for logging data and running tests I can do that as well. The same device is also going to be able to have it's firmware flashed with the final software once it is written.
If you like the work I have been doing then feel free to Image

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