RM broadlink rm mini plugin - without android bridge

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RM broadlink rm mini plugin - without android bridge

Post by samcqdx » Thu Oct 24, 2019 1:43 am

Hi group

I have recently just got my hands on a broadlink rm mini to control a few of my devices , hifi ,tv...via ir .I have looked at a few threads and am having problems getting the android bridge to work with the rm mini.Is there anyway a plugin could be developed that bypasses all of this extra bits of software and a android phone .

I was able to get the broadlink manager app to send basic single commands via ir to the devices that worked fine but i actually wanted to create a routine with a few combined functions as i know EG would do this all for me .

im not a coder but am willing to try this till i get it to work.

Im new to all of this .
Responses would be appreciated .
Thanks :D

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Re: RM broadlink rm mini plugin - without android bridge

Post by harmonywave » Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:57 am


Turning this into a plugin should work and be somewhat straight forward. It's already written in python and somebody previously had begun the work on turning it into a plugin.


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Re: RM broadlink rm mini plugin - without android bridge

Post by blaher » Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:52 am

https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge has it built in, and you don't need a phone. It's also great if you use an Amazon Echo.

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Re: RM broadlink rm mini plugin - without android bridge

Post by Medy » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:07 am

As it turn out im also getting a rm pro next week.
The library should do the trick when it comes to sending simple commands.

Thats exactly what I want to as well.
I dont know how to create a eg plugin & my pyhton is borderline entry level ... just enough to hack things together :D ...

Maybe I will share my code here once I got it working.

Just need to create a script that sends a single command to the rmpro.

I will try .. but would appriciate if someone with python knowledge could do a plugin or a simple script so I dont have to xD...

My plan b is actually just to use ifttt + ihc ... which is just a matter of sending a http request via to ifttt .. and configure the rest...

its not local but will do the trick without android .. all trhough eventhost only ....
Just need to pray in that case that these services never cease to funciton :D

Update : Got my smart blinds ... went straight for plan b & all is working fine with eventghost + ifttt ...
simple python script making a get request to ifttt .. calling the "ihc for eu" applet ...

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