ATI Remote Wonder Arduino-based receiver & plugin

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ATI Remote Wonder Arduino-based receiver & plugin

Post by wceg » Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:57 am


If anyone is still interested in the old ATI Remote Wonder, here's an alternate DIY Arduino-based receiver and EventGhost plugin for it. It works in Windows 10.

*** I've only used this with the original version of the ATI Remote Wonder. It will not work with Remote Wonder II (different protocol). I don't know if the other remotes supported in the original X10/Remote Woner plugin will also work.

Parts needed:
  • An Arduino board + USB cable. I've tried this on an Uno, Nano, Leonardo and Micro, but it may work with other versions.
  • A 5v 433 MHz receiver module.
  • 3 dupont cables to connect the above together. You will need either a male-to-female or female-to-female depending on the Arduino board.
You can find these parts on AliExpress or eBay for about $5-10 total. To avoid any soldering, buy an Arduino board and receiver module with the header pins already soldered. The receiver should also come with an antenna (usually just a cable) already soldered.

Once you have the parts:

  • Connect any of the DATA pin from the receiver to the Arduino's pin 3.
  • Connect the VCC/5V from the receiver to one of Arduino's VCC/5V.
  • Connect the GND from the receiver to one of Arduino's GND.
  • Plug the Arduino board to your computer using a USB cable.
  • The driver for the board should install automatically, but if it doesn't (Windows updates disabled?), go to Windows Device Manager, right-click on the device with a yellow exclamation, select Update, then Search Automatically.
  • The board should show up as a serial port (COM#) device in Windows Device Manager.
  • Download & install the Arduino IDE software from the website. You can uninstall this later after uploading the code if you want.
  • In the Arduino IDE software, open the arw.ino file.
  • In Tools, Board/Processor, select the type of Arduino that you have (ex: Arduino Leonardo).
  • In Tools, Port, select the Arduino's COM# port (if unknown, try them all).
  • In Sketch, select Upload to program the Arduino.
  • To test: In Tools, select Serial Monitor, then 115200 baud. You should see the key code in hex as you push the buttons on the remote. Close this window before using the plugin.
  • Install the EventGhost plugin, and configure it to use the same COM# port as above.
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Re: ATI Remote Wonder Arduino-based receiver & plugin

Post by kgschlosser » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:31 am

question. could something like this be made using an esp8266 running micropython?
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