Microsoft MCE Remote - Vista and newer

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Re: Microsoft MCE Remote - Vista and newer

Post by kgschlosser » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:37 pm

you also may have to go into your bios and check to see how that is set up with the sleeping states and usb power. there could be something in there as well. the powersaving stuff is a real pain because of so many locations things could probably be set.

BUT.... I do have a question for you.... when do electronics go bad??? it is always at the same point. they all fail in the same manner...

they don't turn back on.. so if you never turn them off?? they will never go bad.. why do you think servers can last decades? it's not because of the components. they are the same that are in a normal PC for the most part. why is it that IT guys are always paranoid about shutting a server down?? because of the fear that the thing will not turn back on. I leave my PC at 100% powered except for the displays. and displays can be had pretty cheap if ya get them at the local scrap yard or computer recycling center. I think i paid 10.00USD Each for my 3 screens. and they have been running fine now for over 3 years. so I guess i got my moneys worth.

I don't know how much electric costs where you are but here they have a means to keep you from not going energy efficient.. the more you use the cheaper it gets. It's funny because if i shutdown my hot tub and kill my server rack for a month my electric bill will go up. because I am on a commercial rate because of consumption. the old adage the more you buy the cheaper it gets per unit applies here. BIGTIME. normal is .12 cents a KWH what i pay now is about .05 cents a KWH and I know it gets cheaper then that. But my 100 AMP service is pretty well maxed so without upgrading my electrical i can't pull anymore (not that i really need to)

my point is call your electric company and ask if they tier their prices. find out what the break points are and the price changes. they should be able to tell you at what KWH use does the price drop. most companies in the us usually will tier at 1800 then at 2500 and again at 3000 or 3500 something to that effect.
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Re: Microsoft MCE Remote - Vista and newer

Post by Foune » Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:27 pm

Jinded wrote:
Tue May 23, 2017 4:25 pm
Pharmboy wrote:I managed to resolve (temporarily, until next reboot) part of the double keypress problem by uninstalling the 3 items in the keyboard section of the device manager : it works for the numbers, "up", "down" and "OK" buttons, but I still have double keypress for the "replay" and "skip"...
Hey just wanted to say thanks for figuring this part out. On my end the only devices I have to remove to get rid of the double keypress are:
Keyboards > Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys
Human Interface Devices > Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver

I found a way to assign removing these devices to a button in EventGhost, and I'm sure you could use a similar method to run a command at Windows startup:
Thank you both for your feedback, I get this double press problem once every three year during windows major updates, each time I lose time finding where is the trick.

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