Accurate time tracking as with RescueTime/TimeCamp

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Accurate time tracking as with RescueTime/TimeCamp

Post by HenryMast » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:27 am

(By the way, I kind of know how to implement the solution with EventGhost half way and kind of already doing it, half way, but I want to make it so that implementing the solution with EventGhost to take much less time.)

First, the problem:
Wanting to know how I spend my time in a day to make changes/improvements in my life. The ordinary timer is that you start the timer to measure the time you spend on the activity and then you need to remember to shut it off when you finish the task.

Frequently, I may start the timer to do something and then I start doing something else irrelevant in relation to the task, and the timer is still on, tracking the activity that I am actually not doing, tracking what I am not really doing.

For instance, every morning I want to spend 30 minutes with Anki flashcards program. I start the timer, then as it frequently may happen, I start doing something else, and 45 minutes later I get a notice that I have successfully spent the time, not really knowing how much time I actually spent.

The solution for that problem is that the timer gets activated itself when I open anki and wordpad which I only use for that activity and when any of these two windows are not in focus or system is idle the tracking stops. So it tracks automatically and only when I am actually doing the thing.

The next problem that emerges is when I want to have it automated so that I don't need to spend time manually creating each timer for each thing that I do in my computers, as for the reason that I want to know how much time I spend with what things throughout the day, - and also for the reason to be able to set up things for computer to do automatically, based on not only what I do but how much time I have spent with specific activities in specific time periods (like 15 minutes between 3 pm and 4 pm).

The solution with EventGhost:
So I am thinking that maybe to have the window titles observed and each window title will have its own timer that starts when the window is in focus and stops when it goes out of focus or when system goes idle.

Any ideas on how this could be done the easiest and fastest, either with current available tools or as with creating new plug-in?

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