Multiple Keyboards & Mice & Joysticks

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Multiple Keyboards & Mice & Joysticks

Post by Dragon470 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:40 pm

I have over the years dreamed about being able to use two keyboards. One keyboard remains normal and the other can be completely overwritten. Every few years I look in to this. I think there might be a possibility. This would be an amazing addition to eventghost.

So what I have found is

It is a C program that intercepts input devices before windows receives the data. That allows both reprogramming of the buttons and device distinction of origin.
It does take over some windows driver/files to function.

My python is not anywhere good enough to write a wrapper for the dll library.

I have found and attempted to use some from

It already has a wrapper but I am running in to errors (all access violation errors) with what I have tried.

Source code for the dll is also available if something would have to be rewritten.

If anyone would like to take on this challenge, I think everyone would be happy with the power of a plugin like this.

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