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Re: Domoticz

Post by WoLpH » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:31 am

kgschlosser wrote:I have not taken a look at the plugin WoLpH created. i do not know if he set up a polling loop to get status updates to trigger events if something changes or happens.
Currently it's still 1-way because I'm still deciding which would be the best method of getting results back. Using the EventGhost webserver is a simple option but I'm looking for some readily available hook in the Domoticz system. It appears that there are few readily available options unfortunately :(

For the regular notifications you are required to enable them for every action on every device separately, that's not really desired of course. The downside would be automatically forwarding a huge amount of events or polling though... so I'm not sure what's the best option here.
I do not own a Domotics don't even know what it is, i assume it's a lighting controller of sorts, but it does have some sort of API so chances are there is a command to get current variable states from the thing. so the loop would make the connection and read the states, and then ask for new states every so many milliseconds or seconds, whatever time period is best. then it would compare the data. the new vs the old. and if there is something different in the new to parse the new data and trigger an event based off of it.

i did the exact same thing with a MiCasaVerde Vera lighting controller.
It's a all-round home automation controller. It's actually fairly similar to MiCasaVerde but a bit more flexible since it's open source and can be run on pretty much any hardware. In addition to supporting z-wave it also supports rfxcom for 433mhz, philips hue, netatmo, external weather services, 1-wire and many more devices.

Since I have no first-hand experience with MiCasaVerde I can't say which is better but I would say both have some advantages and disadvantages. I'm guessing that Domoticz is a tad less stable than MiCasaVerde but good enough for most purposes. Including virtual ones I have currently 425 devices in my network so part of the stability issues I have could be due to overloading Domoticz at times.
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