YouTube Music Playlist in shuffle from eventghost

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YouTube Music Playlist in shuffle from eventghost

Post by NeoCortex » Sun Jan 19, 2020 2:27 pm

Hi Forum, first post so go easy on me :D

I am looking to play my Youtube music (YTM) playlist from my HT PC. I was stuck with this for a long time as I am looking to play my YTM playlist in shuffle mode when the event is triggered and previously only had the web page to work from. I couldn't make it work.

So I have just discovered the Google Play Music Desktop app for Windows 10. It has a switch to YTM button which basically takes you into the web interface of YouTube music inside the desktop app.

Apparantly there are desktop shortcuts but I can't seem to get them to work (even when directly pressed on the keyboard). Space works though.

Space: play / pause.
Left / right: previous / next song.
Shift + left / right: navigate currently playing song.
-/+: lower / raise volume.
R: toggle repeat off / all / one.
S: toggle shuffle.
ALT + -/+: thumbs down / up (or undo thumbs up)

Does anyone know how I can start my YTM playlist in shuffle from eventghost?


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Re: YouTube Music Playlist in shuffle from eventghost

Post by kgschlosser » Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:42 pm

well aren't you about the luckiest person..

OK so this plugin allows some tab manipulation when working with Google Chrome.

The purpose to this one is so you can enumerate (list) the tabs and what is loaded in the tabs.

This next plugin has a nifty feature that will tell you when the title of an application changes.. So if you wanted to do something with the track metadata when a video changes.

This plugin also produces events on application start and stop.

and then you have this little gem. this plugin interfaces with the audio bits of Windows. This is handy because there are 2 ways for you to detect audio. Sometimes you will get an event that will explicitly let you know what started playing audio. Not app applications do this so there is a second mechanism that can be used to detect audio. That second mechanism does not tell you the application the audio is coming from.. knowing what application the audio is coming from all depends on how the application was written, but i believe that chrome does support this way.

A browser can be controlled using the Send Keystroke Action. in order to use the Send Keystroke action you either have to use the Find Window action and have it placed before the send keys action. or you can use the payload that is attached to the event from Task Monitor plus when the application gets started.

I prefer to try and avoid the use of Find window action as much as possible, I will explain why later.

I have some things I need to do today, errands and such. So I do not have the time at the moment to give you a full workup.
Using the combination of plugins above we should be able to get you fairly close to having a full integration with YouTube.

The chrome plugin is very new and If there is a specific thing you would like to have access to the author of it is open to suggestions. I would drop a line in the forum topic i linked to above.

in 8 or so hours I will be able to provide some examples of setting this up for you.

Till then.
If you like the work I have been doing then feel free to Image

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Re: YouTube Music Playlist in shuffle from eventghost

Post by NeoCortex » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:35 pm

Excellent response thanks for all that brilliant info. This will probably be enough to get me going with this and a few other things I am doing as well.

In the mean time I have been doing some research and I found a nifty little chrome plugin called hotkeys for youtube music which lets you use keystrokes to control the music.

I figured out that I can:

1. Open the playlist URL from eventghost (this always plays the first song in the list which isn't what I want as I want a completely random bucket of music to play)
2. Send keystroke <space> to stop it playing
3. Send keystroke <S> to shuffle it (that same track remains at the top of the list while the rest gets shuffled)
4. Send keystroke <CTRL+N> to move to the next track (this auto plays next song)

voila! It works in the browser with manual input anyway. Now time to see if eventghost can deliver on this.

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