To all plugin developers..

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To all plugin developers..

Post by kgschlosser » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:29 am

We seem to be having an issue with Microsoft and their Windows 10 updates. It is causing problems with plugins that alter the registry. It is undoing what the plugin has done to make the plugin work properly.

I would like some suggestions as to a way to handle this issue. I can code into the core a method into the PluginBase class that would get called before the plugins __start__ gets called if the version of windows has changed. This would make it easier for you developers implement whatever mechanism to fix whatever is it that Microsoft broke. This way the user would be able to continue running EventGhost without the need to delete all the actions then remove the plugin from the tree. save and close EG and reinstall the plugin. and have to remake all of the actions. This could be a complete nightmare if the plugin has a slew of actions all nested about in their tree.

I know we can go and look at the code and extract the keys. and write a .reg file and upload it and tell them to run it. But I feel a more streamlined approach would be a far better solution.

Any thoughts?
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