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Post by Sem;colon » Fri Jul 30, 2021 8:16 pm

Chart can visualize the history of (numeric) button values and button States.

Chart comes with O-MEGA since version 0.6.15 and doesn't need to be downloaded separately.

How to setup a chart:
1. First you need to create a button on a page in the configuration menu (if you don't have a button created already)
2. then you go into the configuration menu -> devices and create a new device of the type "button monitor chart" and give it the name our chart should have
3. in the parameters of this device you'll find the first parameter "Button that should be monitored"; in that drop -down you select the button you created in step 1. or any other button you want to monitor the state or numeric value of (not numeric values are not supported)
4. Configure the other parameters the way you like. Please keep in mind that the more you select or the longer you keep the history, the more Hard disk space and RAM will be consumed by your server (all data will be kept in memory for fast access) - if configured incorrectly, this can waste a lot of memory.
Now the history of the configured button will be recorded. This has to be done for every button you want to monitor, the history is not stored for every button on default.
5. There are two options to display the chart template;
-one would be to configure it as a page
-the other would be to open it via a button

How to use:
- on the chart template you can set how many minutes/hours/days the chart should show
- the average value/state for the selected timeframe is displayed to you
- for numeric values you also see the minimum and maximum value in the selected timeframe
- you can utilize this average/minimum/maximum value as condition in your scenes
- you can select any data points to see more details, like the exact time an value
- the width of your screen is always the width of the chart. If you resize the window or rotate your phone, the chart gets bigger
- you can add another monitor to your chart (in addition to the default one) to compare the history of two buttons in one chart

How to open a chart from a button:
1. In the configuration menu go to pages and then select any page and open it's buttons.
2. Select any button that you would like to open your chart with (or create a new button)
Preferably use the button that is also monitored
3. Go into the parameters of this button and select "open chart" as button mode for the state that should be used to open the chart. This will override the configured action for that state and the first chart with a connection to that button is opened instead (or the one you configured via the button mode settings; here you would need to provide the chart ID, which is the ID from the chart on the devices configuration page)
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