How to import Extensions & Templates

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How to import Extensions & Templates

Post by Sem;colon » Sun Nov 15, 2020 8:45 am

With Extensions you can extend the functionality of the O-MEGA system by adding features, support for specific protocols, devices, applications etc. They can be imported very easily, this is how:

0. First of all you need to satisfy the requirements for your extension. This requirements should be stated at appropriate topic of the extension and could be things like a specific O-MEGA version or EventGhost plugins that need to be added to your configuration.

1. Download the attached .zip at the post of the extension.
2. Extract it's content anywhere (the .omg file)
3. Open the O-MEGA plugin configuration dialog in EventGhost
4. Push the button "Save & Import", select the .omg file you extracted in step 2. and import it
5. After the import completed successfully, open your O-MEGA web UI and go to the configuration page
6. Go to devices/interfaces/programs (depending what kind of extension you imported) and create a new item.
7. At the new item configure the imported extension as "type".
8. Configure parameters and other settings for your environment (similar to the EventGhost plugin configuration dialog)
9. Save the settings, your page will reload
10. Go to the configuration page again

In case of devices and programs:
11.1. Go to pages and create a new one
11.2. Select the device or program you just created as target and the template as template for that new page
11.3. Configure other settings for the page on demand (don't forget to select a parent location for your page, everything but "hide" will do. "-"(root) is always a good choice)

In case of interfaces:
11.1 Select any page with configurable buttons or create a new one with a default template (select "-" as target) and push the "buttons" button for that page.
11.2 Create buttons for your interface
11.3 Save the buttons pages

12. Save the pages page
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