Pioneer AVR Extension & Template

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Pioneer AVR Extension & Template

Post by Sem;colon » Sat Nov 07, 2020 8:28 am

This is an extension for the O-MEGA project to control and automate Pioneer AV receivers.

- O-MEGA project plugin (any version)
- Pioneer_AV_NET plugin (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3836)

The template is pre-configured for the VSX922 AV Receiver, but can be adjusted, if you have a receiver AVR with different features, by just modifying the "hifiCfg.js" file in the folder of the template. (With notepad.exe or any other text/code editor)

When you add the device to your configuration, there are some settings you can configure depending on your AVR configuration:
- IP Address: is the IP address of your AVR
- Port: is the Network control port of the AVR (the default value should be fine)
- Speaker Configuration: is a comma separated list of speaker IDs: (in the screenshot is the setup for 5.1 surround)
-- 0 means front speakers. You should always have them
-- 1 means center speaker
-- 2 means subwoofer
-- 3 means surround speakers
-- 4 means wide speakers
-- 5 means surround back left
-- 6 means surround back right
-- 7 means front high speakers
- Minimum/Maximum/Step volume: The minimum maximum and steps in with you can increase your volume for your AVR. These settings are model specific, no idea why I put them here instead of in the hifiCfg.js. Probably I'll change that in the future.
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