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Download & Changelog

Post by Sem;colon » Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:05 pm

Here you can always find the latest download of the O-MEGA project EventGhost plugin.
This installer can be used to perform a fresh install or an update of an existing installation.
Your old configuration will not be deleted when you update.
Don't forget to clear your browser cache after the update from an older version!

- EventGhost v0.5 or later
- Some spare time :mrgreen:

How to install:
1. Download the file attached to this post
2. Extract it's complete content to any folder
3. Run the file "install.bat" in that folder
4. Follow the instructions in the console window
5. After the setup is done, you need to add the O-MEGA plugin to your Eventghost configuration (it'll be in the list of available plugins) - watch the Eventghost log while you do that, as there are some prerequisites for your Eventghost tree (e.g. you need to have the SchedulGhost plugin first in your configuration on your server PC)
6. Configure the O-MEGA plugin. It brings it's own webserver with it, you don't need to add or configure the webserver plugin!
7. Make sure the port you setup (or Eventghost) is not blocked by the windows firewall (inbound connection)
8. Point your browser to http://localhost, this should bring up the webinterface
9. In the webinterface go to "configuration" -> "Pages" -> and hit the save button on the bottom. Your page will reload and you can start using/customizing the interface (via the configuration page)

To create this plugin, I used and modified some code from the following plugins - special thanks go to their creators without their work this plugin would not be as awesome as it is :D
- OSE (On Screen Explorer) - by Pako
- SchedulGhost - by Pako
- Network Event Sender / Receiver - by Bitmonster
- Ping - by miljbee and Sem;colon
- Webserver - by Bitmonster, Pako, Sem;colon and krambriw

Have fun with the tool!
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Re: Download & Changelog

Post by Sem;colon » Sun Nov 08, 2020 8:02 am

It took a little longer than expected, but here is the new version 0.5.9!

What's new:
As announced, the biggest new feature is an action that can convert free-text into commands. This makes it fairly easy to setup something like voice control for your whole O-MEGA configuration.
In detail: In the action (in EventGhost) You first select a user in which context the command should be interpreted, this automatically specifies the language (English and German are supported) as well as the views to which the buttons/pages/scenes could be assigned to, then you'll just throw any text at this action and the O-MEGA system tries to match the words with what is setup in your configuration. This should pretty much work without changing your configuration at all, but there are a few guidelines your configuration should follow for better results.
Views = Rooms (like a view "living room" that gets all buttons assigned that control devices that are physically in the living room)
Pages = Categories (like a page "lights" that holds all buttons that would switch lights)
Not everything you throw at this action has to match 100% to work btw. Let's say you have a light in the living room, so you assigned the view "living room" to your button that controls the light you named "ceiling", which is on the page "lights".
You can still say "turn on the light in the living room" and it will work. The system matches "light" with "lights" in this case and switches on all, that can be switched on and have the view "living room" assigned.
If you find yourself using multiple words for the same button/device you want to control, you have the option to extend the name with a comma separated list of aliases. Those aliases would not be visible in the UI though. For example you have a lamp besides your bed. You gave it the name "bed light" but it should also listen to the name "night light", you would set it up in your config with the name "bed light, night light". In the UI it would still just be called "bed light", but now it can also be referred to as "night light" with the command interpreter. These aliases can also be used for scenes.
To execute a scene you need to use the signal word "scene" followed by the scene name btw.
Of course this feature also works together with the active media control feature, so you can just give it a command "pause" and it would pause whatever is playing at the moment.
There is a template here, that integrates the voice control feature in the web UI and makes it easy for you to check out this feature: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=10561&p=55740#p55740

But even if you're not interested in a super flexible command interpreter or voice control, you should still perform this update, as there are many small improvements and bug fixes too!

- Active media control has been improved, not only with some more commands and the ability to send a value along with them, you also can now setup forwarding of volume commands for the "most interesting" media player to a connected A/V Receiver instead of let them be handled by the media player itself.
- There are new features on the button configuration that let you "copy" a value for one state to all states of that button. Also you can now reference a value you setup for your action, in your response (especially interesting when you are creating interface extensions)
- When putting a page in fullscreen, it is now scrolling the top menu bar all the way to the left, so you can see the view switcher
- New option in the views configuration menu to declare a view to be a room, devices and buttons should only be assigned to one view that is a room (at the moment only used for the new interpret spoken command feature)
- "Slide in directions" mode for dashboard tiles now also works with the mouse
- HiFi has been relabled to A/V
- The capabilities of the URL tags has been improved, now you can specify a view and/or a page that should be opened. The syntax is: <your IP>#view=<view id>&page=<page id>
- New settings for the auto return after timeout feature: you can now specify to return to the default View, the start page, or both
- as startup view you can now select the "least selected view", which would be the last view selected under your current user on any device
- Some automatic configuration cleanup, for example when you delete a view that is still assigned to a button, the reference on the button will now also be removed
- Loop bug fixed with enduring events
- More small improvements and other small bugs fixed (I wonder where all the bugs always come from)

Breaking changes:
No major release comes without breaking something and this version is no exception, but I hope the impact is not so high this time ;)
- As mentioned the syntax for the URL tags changed, so links you created with the old syntax need to be recreated with the new syntax
- The ID of the state "[closed]" has been changed to "[close]". If you used that state in one of your buttons you need to remove it and change it to the "[close]" state or the whole page that button is on will not load anymore.

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Re: Download & Changelog

Post by Sem;colon » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:47 pm

New version v0.5.11

What's new:
- Loading time of the web-UI has been improved (noticeable)
- Bug fixes
- Small improvements

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