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Debugging Mode

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:20 pm
by kgschlosser
In EG 0.5 we have added the ability to turn debugging on and off from the drop down menu. We did this so debugging could be turned on and off without the need to restart EG. The problem is because of the way the debugging information is handled it ends up showing up in red in the log inside of EG. Just because you see a bunch of red. Make sure that you have debugging turned off and then see if you can cause the error again. if it does show up when you have debugging turned off then it is an actual error.

If the last line of the error reads traceback.print_stack() this is not an error. it is exactly what it states, a stack printout nothing more. There are all kinds of things that get changed up with how EG runs if you have debugging enabled. My suggestion is to keep it turned off unless there is something not working properly and you know how to read the information you are presented with. Otherwise ask in the forums here and we will instruct you as what to do.

The debugging mode can cripple portions of EG leading you to believe there is a problem. when in fact the problem is debugging mode is enabled. So i repeat once again. if it is working fine without debugging mode enabled. then there is no problem at all.


Re: Debugging Mode

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:25 am
by Neytrino-OnLine
Maybe You should change color and icon for debug messages in future releases..?

Re: Debugging Mode

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:46 pm
by kgschlosser
the color and icon changes have been submitted. as well as moving some of the messages that appear as errors and are actually information warnings. I changed those icons and colors also.