Error in log pane : OnGetItemTextWithDT

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Error in log pane : OnGetItemTextWithDT

Post by Snowbird » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:40 am


I think this error has been reported somewhere, but just in case I'm reporting it again :) it's reproducible the only prerequisite is to have the Datestamp and/or the Timestamp log enabled.

Here's how to reproduce it : click anywhere in the Log pane (if the focus is on the Configuration pane, it won't work), then open any menu (don't select anything in the menu), then click again in the log pane anywhere, and it will generate this error :

Code: Select all

   Traceback (most recent call last) (WIP-2019.03.10-20.11.47):
     File "C:\Program Files (x86)\EventGhost\eg\Classes\MainFrame\", line 255, in OnGetItemTextWithDT
       indent * self.indent +
   PyAssertionError: C++ assertion "m_menuDepth > 0" failed at ..\..\src\msw\toplevel.cpp(1544) in wxTopLevelWindowMSW::DoSendMenuOpenCloseEvent(): No open menus?

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Re: Error in log pane : OnGetItemTextWithDT

Post by kgschlosser » Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:13 am

we are aware of this problem. it is a bug in wxPython or wxWidgets. we have not been able to correct the problem as of yet. Unfortunately wxPython 3.* is not being developed anymore. and only wxPython 4.* is. and 4.* is such a massive change that a very large portion of plugins and well as EG it's self would need to be rewritten. and to be honest if we are going to do that I think we may switch over to HTML/JavaScript based GUI as this would be the way to go if having to make that many changes.

I personally do not care for wxPython. it has to many bugs and it is also not completely cross platform. some things work and some things don't. I know that cross platform is not something that is extremely important at this point. but in the future if we make a port of EG to Linux or to crapintosh it will be important then.
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