problem with sending a messages via tasker

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problem with sending a messages via tasker

Post by sherouk » Mon May 23, 2016 1:47 pm

hi guys,
So, I have this tasker task that's supposed to send a message to EventGhost to start an application
everything was working just fine one moment and the next I started getting that error

Error sending Text: "the msg" to "my pc name" : error doing request : org.apache.http.conn.httpHostCobbectExeption: connection to http://my public ip adress:1818 refused

I though there's a problem with AutoRemote or my connection but when I try sending the message from AutoRemote itself and not tasker it works flawlessly
I did some research found some answers suggesting port forwarding , but I don't think I need that I mean it does work from AutoRemote itself and when I type http://localhost:1818/ I see AutoRemote is working.

I downloaded EventGhost and got AutoRemote this morning so I'm still a newbie, if anyone could help I'd totally appreciate it
thanks a lot

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