READ THIS before posting anything!

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READ THIS before posting anything!

Post by Bitmonster » Sun May 04, 2008 2:00 pm

Before you post anything about a problem with EventGhost here, make sure your post at least contains the following informations:

1. The exact EventGhost version number you are using. If it is not the latest version, get it here and see if your problem persists. And even if you have the latest version, post the exact version number.
2. The Windows version you are running EventGhost on, including the Service Pack number.
3. If you get error messages in the log, paste them into your post.

and of course every information needed to reproduce the problem.

Well, and everybody should read once in his life:
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
How To Report Bugs Effectively
Please post software-related questions in the forum - PMs will only be answered, if really private, thanks!

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Re: READ THIS before posting anything!

Post by Pako » Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:20 am

Please do not create unnecessary new topics!
If your question relates to any particular plugin, write it in an appropriate topic (of course if it exists).
If you find difficult to find the right topic, double-click (in the Autostart folder) on the appropriate plugin.
Will opened the dialog box and there you will get the necessary link (it is true that not always):