Control an Android Device (nvidia Shield TV)

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Control an Android Device (nvidia Shield TV)

Post by Search&Destroy » Mon Sep 06, 2021 6:07 pm

Hi Guys,

is it possible to control an Android Device (in my case a nvidia Shield TV Pro) with EG?
I just want to control the Kodi and SmartTube Next (a YouTube Client).
So I need Play/Pause, Stop, Up/Down/Right/Left Key, OK Button and Back/Stop.

Any Ideas?

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Re: Control an Android Device (nvidia Shield TV)

Post by Sem;colon » Mon Sep 06, 2021 8:56 pm

Kodi might work natively, as it's Remote controllable itself. YouTube could be difficult.. there used to be a YouTube add-on for Kodi, but I don't know if it still exists and works.

If that's not working for you, you would need to interface an android automation tool and send commands to it via EventGhost. (For example tasker with Autoremote)
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Re: Control an Android Device (nvidia Shield TV)

Post by cvben » Tue Sep 07, 2021 4:08 am

Kodi does still have a youtube addon and it's always worked just fine for me. Kodi also provides Kore as a way to control things remotely (see also yatse on the playstore).

Another option is the web interface.

Honestly I would think it might be the worst option, but as Semi;colon says you can use tasker. The way to do this is through Join, but Join uses the same protocol as the now semi-outmoded autoremote.

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