2 Networks

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2 Networks

Post by fredorum » Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:14 pm

Hello, i m French, i use Google Translation.
This software is really great, I would like to set up different alerts that will be sent networks.
My issue is the following :
I have two networks: / 24 (Administrative) and a network / 24 (Workshop).
Both networks are separated by a Stormshield firewall.

Would it be possible to send a command from the Administrative network to the Administrative and Workshop network as well as from the workshop network to the Workshop and Administrative network.

I manage to send a command to the Administrative network or Workshop but if I send a command from the Administrative network to the workshop network, the command is not sent to the Administrative network.
In fact, when I send an order, both networks would have to receive it at the same time.

Could you help me ?
Frederic Rumeur
France, Normandy

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