EventGhost will not hide on startup

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EventGhost will not hide on startup

Post by ComoSgt » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:53 pm

I'm on Windows 10 1809 & have EventGhost 0.4.1.r1722.

EventGhost refuses to hide itself in anyway whenever I startup windows. I have tried -h/-hide parameters. I have selected the option in the settings menu and have even tried testing the command in Cmd Prompt and still have no luck. Anyway to force the program to stop from popping up at startup?

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Re: EventGhost will not hide on startup

Post by kgschlosser » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:07 pm

Try using EG 0.5 RC6
https://github.com/EventGhost/EventGhos ... v0.5.0-rc6

I see that you are using Windows 10. There are many issues with EG 0.4 and Windows 10. and these issues have been fixed in EG 0.5.
There was a known issue with the COM server portion of EG in 0.4 and that is what we were using for the command line arguments in EG 0.5 we have stop using Windows COM in favor of using a loopback socket connection to achieve the same result but with greater consistency.

Start off there and see what happens. let me know either way if it works or does not and we can go form there

Thanks again for using EventGhost
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