timeout pythonscript after some time?

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Re: timeout pythonscript after some time?

Post by kgschlosser » Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:25 pm

Thanks for the compliments. I and everyone else who works on the project do appreciate you using it. I am glad to have given some ideas on what i could be that caused you to cause your ISP and have them sort it out.

There is no mistake with IPV6. it is just that there is so much in the way of routers and what have you that are still running on IPV4. the conversion to it is going to take a long time. but until it is done and everything is using IPV6 only there will continue to be routing issue with it.

I personally think because of the world of IOT that we will be in the same boat once again not to far off. with yet another version of the IP protocol.

When v4 was made i will bet they never thought we would run out of addresses. the same thought happened with IPV6.

at least this time they did skip right over the 64 bit addressing scheme. when they designed it they said it would be enough addresses for this planet and another 2 after that. But with the rate that the addresses are being consumed i do not think it will be enough.
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