DVBViewer IMDB search

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DVBViewer IMDB search

Post by seizu » Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:31 pm

DVBViewer plugin - IMDB-Search script (v1.0)

This Python script tries to determine the IMDB rating based on the current channel EPG title
and displays it on the DVBViewer screen.

Attach the script to your favourite remote control key

1.) If not already done, open EventGhost and add the DVBViewer plugin
In configuration tree:
Select Autostart -> Add Plugin -> Program Control -> DVBViewer

2.) Add the script to your favourite remote control key.
In configuration tree e.g.:
DVBViewer Folder -> OSD-Yellow -> Add Action -> EventGost -> Python Script
Past in the IMDB Search script, save it!


Latest Github version:

Have fun!
Screen shot

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