Sucky sucky software...

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Sucky sucky software...

Post by zian » Mon May 15, 2017 3:30 am

I sell a bunch. Or try. Online mostly.
I started using OfferUp & LetGo recently.
I quit Facebook about 6 months back.
I miss the FB groups for selling... but I sure don't miss some of the nitwitted "customers" and silly FB customs.
But that's a whole other story.

LetGo is OK. It sucks fairly light. But the sucky parts sure do suck. I'm trying to help them improve... Wrote them this today...
PLEASE please please get rid of the txt bubbles. People hit them by accident and even when they don't... they are just aggravating and obnoxious. If people are interested in buying/selling they WILL type.

Your encouraging spam and laziness and many people's time WASTED
The txt bubbles suck HARD.
Thank you.

And since I'm here...
Choosing all images at once... do that too.
You may put OfferUp to shame.

Also... allow us to turn off notifications when somebody "favorites" our items. They are distracting. It matters none who likes my stuff. I don't care. Who buys my stuff... that matters.

The notifications... Tips on how to sell/buy... They bother me/us I want be able to turn them OFF. It's spam. I think they call it opting out.
Allow us turn them off please.

Need an ease of use app development consultant... Let me know. I'll help your app suck way less.

Thanks Again

Don't even get me started on the "auto" listing Craigslist posting software I AM PAYING FOR. Total utter GARBAGE.

I wrote that Dev again today to.
Scathing I tell ya. lol

Chrome/Gmail/Google... Android spell check SUCKS!!!
(see above)

This forum... right now... on an Android phone... pissing me off. I think maybe it needs a mobile device optimizer or something. Sometimes txt and submit button hide each other. like this... attached image
I couldn't see the curser or move it or know what I was or wasn't typing.

Are there such things as professional complainers?
I think I could definitely well in that field.

What software or bugs bug you?
I'm just getting started.

PS... I might come back later (on a PC) and spell check this spiel later. Or I might not.
Either way... sorry if you read the original.
I know spelling errors hurts some people deep deep down.
Be there or be square.

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