Leveling up Python Knowledge / Exploring Tech

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Leveling up Python Knowledge / Exploring Tech

Post by Medy » Sat Sep 12, 2020 2:16 pm

So I would like to ask you for some advice to get more comfortable / acquainted with python
and Eventghost.

Meaning I would like to bring myself to engage more with plugins and intermediate concepts.

I mean maybe you have some ideas what would be worth looking into in regards to python programming ... and automating stuff.

I recently started looking into Microcontrollers ... so I feel like learning about networks protocols and stuff will be helpful ....
Im looking for practical knowledge that I can use to play around with :)....

This is just one example...

So let me know what are some cool "toys" to play with :D ...

Do you use other languagues apart form python ? Have you messed with things like django or flask for webservers ?
What are your toys ?

Let me know ;)

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Re: Leveling up Python Knowledge / Exploring Tech

Post by kgschlosser » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:19 am

I have used Flask. It is a really good web framework and it is not to difficult to get the basics down with it.

There are many different protocols that are used on an IP network, to many to even go over. But they all have a very specific purpose and should be used in a specific way.
This is something you can tinker about with to learn as I am sure you have this protocol in use on your network and you dop know about it but have not thought about it at all.


Intel used to make a set of developer tools for UPNP and they no longer do anything with it, but someone else has picked up where they left off. If you do a search in the net for Intel UPNP developer tools you will find it. There are probably quite a few devices on your network that you can "control" using UPNP.
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