My rant on the broken US health system

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My rant on the broken US health system

Post by kgschlosser » Sun Mar 15, 2020 6:37 pm

I had a surgery about a year and a half ago.With insurance that surgery costs 16,000.00. The insurance company would pay 80% of that after a 10,000.00 deductible was met. and that insurance would have cost me 750.00 a month.

OK so I have to pay the first 10,000 of the 16,000.

and the insurance company would pay 80% of the remaining 6,000

* 0.20

so my out of pocket is 11,200 for the surgery. But you also have to add in the 750 per month for the insurance.
* 12

+ 9,000

Ok so a 16,000 surgery now just cost me 20,200?!?!?!?!?
Oh wait it gets better!!!!
Seeing as how I did not have insurance the total cost of the surgery was 3,000. done complete everyone paid.

Well there are laws in place that force the health care providers to reduce the cost for people that do not have insurance!
There is a catch to this. So long as the patient does not receive any financial assistance to pay the bill. if they receive any
financial assistance then the bill goes back up to the full amount. Now these health care providers know this and most
patients do not. It is all actually written into the admittance paperwork that gets signed. Funny thing about a person in
pain or having a problem, first is they are not able to concentrate properly to understand the "legalease", and a person in pain will sign anything in order to make the pain stop. This is why they have you sign this paperwork when you are admitted. They could have you sign it when you are going to get discharged.
But people would actually read the paperwork. well in that paperwork you are actually signing a power of attorney document so the hospital is able to sign on your behalf to get you enrolled into financial assistance programs. Oh that is a fantastic thing !!! NOT
Some of these programs also work with the donation of goods. like medicines, so if you were given 2 aspirin while admitted and a program donates back those 2 aspirin on your behalf (total cost of asprin may have been 20.00) this now caused your bill to go from 3,000 to 15,980.00.

This is capitalism and all it's glory. Why would the hospital do anything to help you out in any way and would not benefit them in a single way? So what would be their motivation to help you and to handle all of this additional paperwork. Now what would be their motivation to do this after the charges were knocked down from 16,000 to 3,000. they are already taking a HUGE hit in the wallet. You would think that they would not want to spend any more money helping you. And they really don't They are doing it because it will put the bill back up where it belongs. and after the first "donation" comes in on your behalf do you think they continue applying you to other programs.. NOT....

We are in the wonderful world of the computer age. In every hospital I have been to this portion of the paperwork that is to be signed always looks like a photo copy of a photo copy of a photocopy. It is extremely hard to read. Then they do not put this information right out there on a single page.. you have to piece it together. so a little bit is on one page, some more on another.. and so on and so forth. and it usually spans about 20 pages. and and lord help if you start asking questions.

The reality is you are under no obligation to sign financial paperwork before you receive any care. You can simply hold onto it and tell them that you are reading it. They will come in a bunch of times and request it, and you can tell them that you have not had the chance to finish reading yet. and at the very end start asking them all kinds of questions about it.. they will not come back after that. and you will be discharged without having to sign the "required" paperwork. You can also add a clause above where you are signing that states.

"I am only signing this to satisfy the requirements that {hospital name} has set. I do not authorize or grant power of attorney over my signature in ANY form. I do not want my name submitted to any financial assistance programs including but not limited to Monetary or replacement of goods and supplies used during my visit."

Make sure you initial before or after the statement.

The reality is you can modify this decision at any time by signing a new set of documents after your visit has taken place.
There is yet another way..
You can sign the paperwork. but do not give a single cent to pay the bill NO MATTER WHAT. let the bill go to collections. More often then not these institutions do not send a "Final Notice" before sending you to collections. Well It is a law that they do. and they have to prove that they did send it as well. The other thing is you can tell them that the signature on the paperwork was illegally obtained. It is unlawful to have a person make a decision like that while they are under duress. You will also have the opertunity to settle the debt for pennies on the dollar. literally a 10,000 bill can end up less then 1,000. You have to make sure you have educated yourself. They do not want to go to court. there is always a chance they will lose. Now if they lose and now have added on the expense of lawyers and court costs it ends up being like a kick in the satchel. This is something they do not want to have happen.

If a settlement is agreed upon you can set up a payment plan with them for the remaining dollar amount. set it to 5.00 or 10.00 a month. It is interest free. so it does not matter how long it takes you to pay. just make sure you pay it.
No matter what the settlement that ends up being agreed upon you always make part of the settlement the removal of any bad marks they put on your credit report. This is something that you want them to put into writing.

All debt collectors act tough and use bringing you to court to scare you into making a settlement. The best settlements will always happen within one week of your court date. You have to be vigilant.

My 3,000.00 surgery took 20 minutes and the payments were as follows.

1000.00 Anesthesiologist
500.00 Surgeon
1500.00 Facilities

OK so let me get this right? one doctor makes 3000 an hour while the other makes 1500 an hour... OK so say they only work 40 minutes of the house. so 2000 and 1000.
so 2000 * 8 hours a day * 200 working days a year = 32,000,000.00 a year. and 16,000,000.00 a year for the other. and they say that they charge this much because the schooling was expensive. on the high side it is 59,775.00 a year for school. and it is 4 years of schooling. so 239,100.00 is the cost for schooling...K so now we know they are full of the brown stuff.

Even for a general practice or family practice doctor. The so called doctors income is 299,000 a year.. NOT!!! a visit to your general doctor costs close to 100.00 and the doctor is typically only in the room for 5 minutes. again some more simple math here. 100.00 * 12 appts an hour * 8 hours a day * 200 working days a year = 1920000.. hmmm.... far leap from the 299,000 a year. everyone working at the office makes less then 100K a year. so if that office has 4 employees still clearing 1.5 mil a year.
If you like the work I have been doing then feel free to Image

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