I would like some opinions.

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Re: I would like some opinions.

Post by justahotbag2 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 5:05 am

Kev. Kev. Kev. Kev. Kev
Kev. Kev. Kev. Kev. Kev
You sound disconnected, or very Colorado High. You can't possibly believe that all it took to do what you just did, was the willingness to read a book, and the energy to follow through to the end? i.e. the absence of laziness...

If you do, you clearly are even more disappointed, in humanity, than I am, and I'm rather disappointed.

I don't know what you do, in between kicking ass, and chewing bubble gum.
But I'm going to assume you aren't an architect, nor a seasoned construction lady. If you're the later, then okay that makes more sense, if you're the prior, it's all the more impressive, and let's just be impressed upon.
So you just pull up some professional CAD software, draw up a plan to tear at the heart and sole of your own house.
MOVE a LOAD bearing wall (an only slightly uncomfortable idea), have the confidence, and strength to rip out & replace sub-flooring.
Design a completely unique floor design, mostly untested... just mostly. Cut it, lay it, stick it, all while dodging gun fire (last I remember, you were married)
Having a mostly broken body, and you've never done this before?
All the while, the only sense of insecurity/humanness, that ebbs out, is to post here, Does this look nice?

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