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Re: My Setup

Post by Foune » Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:51 pm

kgschlosser wrote:But they do function the same as Plasma. And probably spin the electric meter the same as plasma as well.. LOL 1500 watts draw for a plasma TV.
LG EF9500 65" power consumption :
Default [Eco] mode 162 watts
Calibrated [ISF Expert] mode 93 watts

I don't see anything in common between LG's OLED and Plasma TVs.
Today's OLED overpass today's PLASMA. The avsforum link I gave above confirms this. This said, I won't say that "One should buy OLED instead of PLASMA". The same way I can't tell that JVC projectors are better than Sony. One year ago I saw a 65" LG OLED in a store. I said "wow, if I had 3k$ to waste I would buy this jewel!". I bought a cheap projector instead. During the following weeks, I became totally fan of the projection, in the end I have spent more money for my projection setup than for this OLED TV. But I assume all flaws : less contrast, les sharpness, less... all. But all in all, the spectator's experience of a 150" (diagonal) screen seen from the sofa, in an optimized room, is way more crazy that these infinite black OLED TVs... This is my own opinion.

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Re: My Setup

Post by kgschlosser » Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:19 pm

i am not saying that plasma is better then OLED. again I did state i have been out of the TV tech for a number of years. I personally have not seen an OLED perform. i am just restating what i read in the internet is all. that is why i posted the deal about who ever is looking to use their own eyes and pick what is right for them and they are very similar in the respect that each pixel of a plasma generates it's own light as does OLED. and i don't know if OLED has the same side effect of this which is the brightness of the panel diminishing as time passes. i think it is still to new a tech to know the answer to that.

and i fully agree with you on the projector thing...

this is my first projector. and i bought an epson 3020 and a really good screen (well the material) and i did an enormous amount of research. and from what i learned is that a really good projector can look like crap if you don't have the proper screen and a really crappy projector can look pretty damned good with the right screen.. and I personally went through a whole lot of math on distances and angles. so that i am running a 1:1 on the zoom . so no zoom at all... and the projector has a 0 degree offset from the bottom of the lens. and my projector is mounted inverse and i have it aligned perfect so no use of any digital image adjustment. and the projector doesn't have a lens shifter at all. so no use of that either. and i actually have to run the thing in eco mode because it's too bright. the viewing distance is right where it should be. i remember when i first turned it on.. blew my socks off. and for a fraction of the price i paid for my last TV. I would never go back to a panel TV for my "media" room. and the experience of building everything was a lot of fun also. and the WOW factor is off the charts. but when they ask who did i have put everything in. and I state I did. right down to building the screen... it triples the wow factor..
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