Arduino and Eventghost Webserver Plugin

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Arduino and Eventghost Webserver Plugin

Post by TAz00 » Sun Sep 29, 2019 3:27 pm

This tutorial will cover how to use an ESP8266 Wemos D1 mini, with 433mhz RF modules, together with EventGhost Webserver plugin, to toggle some RF Switches.

To build the hardware, I used an Wemos D1 Mini, based on the ESP8266, with a set of $1 433mhz modules from ebay.
You must have the necessesay boards in your preferences boards url : ... index.json and installed via boards manager (search for ESP8266)
You must download and install the following arduino library:

Download Sketch:
(4.44 KiB) Downloaded 109 times
You want to configure the sketch before compile and upload. Namely you want to set the IP of your eventghost webserver machin. And also configure Wifi Connection Settings aswell as authentication settings.
Compile the sketch for the arduino with the following, if you're using the same board as me. Sometimes it wont let you flash the arduino, if the RF modules are connected.
You want to add and configure the Webserver Plugin in EventGhost, the arduino sketch does not support HTTPS.
Then you can configure an action in eventghost like this : "decimalCode:13964556,bitLength:24"
ActionConfig.png (11.02 KiB) Viewed 6360 times
The arduino also sends all RF switch messages it decodes, back to the eventghost server as an event, with json payload data. This way you can record messages from your remote, and configure event ghost to play them back.
Now I did spend a little while on this project, so I'd really appreciate it if you can head over to my website where there's also an extra quick tip on how to get Cortana to control your lights in W10.

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