the Eventghost Foundation (question mark)

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the Eventghost Foundation (question mark)

Post by zian » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:25 pm

Who knows anything about founding a foundation?
Anybody want to be a founder?

Eventghost... the Third Generation.
If you want Eventghost to keep going for another 20 years.
Or if you have smarts and passion and time and visions or ideas
and yup even suggestions for EG's future... chime in here.

I want Eventghost to be around and able for as long as is possible. I imagine you all do too.

Let's found some shit. ;)
(If we think that is a good idea of course)
(I can't count well)
Be there or be square.

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Re: the Eventghost Foundation (question mark)

Post by Septik » Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:17 pm

Not sure about a foundation - but I think it'd be reasonable to do a Kickstarter or some similar fundraising event with the intent of hastening further development. Of course, if you were to hire developers you'd have to monetize EventGhost in some way and I for one definitely don't want that. I'm just saying that there's possibly sufficient interest to raise a significant sum. Then again, I'm not sure that throwing money at this would do any good. That's where other and better ideas hopefully come in.

Awareness is also an issue. Despite its open source state, a fairly small number of developers seem to be contributing. I definitely feel like we'd see more contributions if EventGhost was more popular.

Lastly, there should be some guiding ideas or at least a general vision for the future of the software. That way, even the odd contributor could work with that in mind and we as a collective could work more effectively towards common goals. As an example, I wouldn't mind seeing an overhauled UI and better exception handling. It's not that the UI is terrible, but it's not modern either. As for the exception handling, it's just my experience that the program freezes a lot more than I'd like it to, and as far as automation goes it'd be great if that didn't shut down all my automations.

Anyway, I'm going off track. In short, my suggestion is:
- Funding?
- Awareness
- Common goals

Any thoughts?

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Re: the Eventghost Foundation (question mark)

Post by kgschlosser » Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:21 pm

OK so here is the skinny.
EG is way more popular then you think. with on average of 150 unique downloads a day. I was surprised at this as well.
One would think that the forums would be more active. but then again maybe not. EG does run pretty well. and possibly the people do not need help with it. or it could be that maybe to download it and install it. then say ICK! and stop using it.. That is the bug question. and one I am unable to answer..

I can tell you this. when i first opened EG I thought to myself there doesn't look like a whole hell of a lot going on with this thing. There are not that many choices and options. But this is how EG was designed. It was made to be simple. and that could be what others are seeing as well. I dunno...

What we need are developers. and that is the only thing we need. our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) would be off the charts if the website was improved upon. Hence making us more visible. EG has been around long enough that there are links to our site on 1000's of other websites. What this means is that we are visited by the search indexing bots extremely often. So often in fact that almost at any given time on any day there are usually 2 connected to the site. There are websites that would pay HUGE money to have this happen on their sites. that is one of 2 key pieces for great SEO. the other is website content and keywords.

I have done as much as I know how to in respect to moving to a new server. setting up the new server (dedicated VPS) upgrading all of the various bits associated with the website. I do not know enough in terms of web based languages to make a great site that is going to have the proper parts and pieces in it.

This is where we need coders. Not only for the program it's self but with the website too.

The other thing is that because EG is open source the people that do work and help are not eing paid to do so. therefore it is something that gets put onto the back burner because of a thing called life, the more important things like wives, children, and relatives. And I would never expect anything EG related to take priority over any of that. That is one of the reasons why EG development is slow down. like it has now. it is summer time and there are poeple that are enjoying it with family and friends. As they should.

We have been spending some time trying to assess the future of EventGhost and what direction is should head in terms of development. This is a process that needs to be handled correctly. it is the single biggest mistake a lot of companies make whether it is going the wrong direction or not spending enough time to plan everything out.

It makes it even more difficult and time consuming when we do not have a board room or a focus group that can meet in a single place in the same time zone. So a question that gets asked may not get an answer for 12 hours. and this goes back and forth like a ping pong ball. imagine how long it would take to have a 5 minute conversation with someone that was sitting in the same room. but is now 12 hours between statements/questions. I can tell you exactly how long it takes.. multiple weeks. now think about how long it would take to plan out a change. something that would take several hours to plan if everyone was sitting face to face.

A really long time. Even with the world of technology and the ability to be able to chat with someone on the other side of the globe. That doesn't help when you have time zones to deal with. and sleep as well.

I do my best to stay up as late as i can to be able to have these conversations. But 4 hours a day of sleep does take it's toll after a few months and one does need to play "catch up" I do also have projects in my non EG life that need attending to as well.

With basically only 2 people contributing code and having to Github, website, forum, VPS, as well as write code for the core. extend functionality of EG by making plugins, and try and keep everything documented. that is a HUGE undertaking in it's self. then toss in the fact that we also have to put food on the table. which means working a paying Full time job. Ya can't really get mad at someone or not understand when they say... "Hey I am burnt out, I am going to sit back for a while and charge up my batteries". Only thing that can be said. is "Have a good time. kick back a couple of ales for me while your at it."

I there was a slew of people working different aspects one person taking a vacation would not make such a big impact. But being what it is with the 2 of us. everything comes to a halt when the other is away.

I do hope you understand.
If you like the work I have been doing then feel free to Image

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