I wish everyone the best.

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I wish everyone the best.

Post by kgschlosser » Tue Mar 17, 2020 7:56 am

With the recent developments of the COVIN-19 virus I wanted to let everyone know that my thoughts are with you. I hope you all will endure the coming months. If a need arises and I am able to help in some way please do not hesitate to drop me a line. If it is within my abilities I will help. If it is not I will do my absolute best to make it happen.

This is going to be probably the most difficult thing the world has had to face. It is going to be some really hard times for a whole lot of people and their families.

Make sure that if it is in your ability you pay it forward. We are not animals and we should look out for one another. If you can help a neighbor then you should feel obligated to do it if you have the ability to help. If you have the ability to remove yourself from a highly populated area.. Then DO IT!!... No job is worth your life. There is no need to stay where you are if the risk is higher there. Find a place to go. If you have nowhere to go then stay indoors. limit your contact with other people.

I live in a town that has 9000 people. it takes me 20 minutes to drive to the gas station. If you live near Colorado or in a high population area of Colorado let me know, you are more then welcome to stay here. I have generators, well water and natural gas. So I will not be without any essentials if the need comes up. send me a PM if you are wanting a place to stay that has a lower risk. the town I live in has a population density of 750 people per sq mile, places like Denver are 4,044 people per sq mile.

I wish the best of luck to everyone.
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Re: I wish everyone the best.

Post by svengali » Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:09 pm

The same to you.

Remember to wash your hands.
The virus can live for an unknown time on surfaces. So mail and newspapers etc could be contaminated.

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Re: I wish everyone the best.

Post by omberski » Tue Mar 24, 2020 11:06 am

Sending love from London back to you and to everyone else.

Also wanted to say a big thank you to all of you gangsters who have been putting work and growing EventGhost over the years.

It's interesting to see (for me at least), that the forum community does not reflect at all the actual number of people using and relying on EventGhost. From my own experience, I can tell you that the reason why many users of EventGhost are not registered/active on the forum, is simply because EG works right out of the box.

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Re: I wish everyone the best.

Post by steve@rpad » Wed Apr 01, 2020 3:46 am

Best Wishes from Toronto, Canada. If you believe in a higher power then now would be about the right time to ask for a favor?!? Entering 2nd week of government imposed isolation. My teens? Pulling teeth out. Me? No different than the last year of retirement, just more family getting underfoot.

Please stay safe...Empirical evidence has now proven social-distancing works. Please practice the art form aka...Couch Surfing.

Much love to my American cousins. Stay Well!!!


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Re: I wish everyone the best.

Post by kgschlosser » Wed Apr 01, 2020 11:59 pm

the social distancing does work. It works at turning a virus that would have run its's course and been gone never to come back again to something that is going to visit us every year. the survivors of the virus have antibodies in their system that will prevent them from getting it again.. for about 8 months to a year. this flattening the curve is going to slow the transmission rate to the point where the people that survived it are going to endure another round of it. Because it is till going to be around in a year from now. If the political bullshit surrounding the FDA and the CDC remains how it is we will not see a vaccine for 2 years.

This is a data sample of what I have been collecting to plot a chart as to the growth of this thing.

This is the US broken down by state. This data sample is from the time of this post.
the number in parenthesis next to population density and obese is the rank for that state in the US 1 being the highest and 51 being the lowest.

states that have a mortality rate of 100.0% and have a high case count but a low death count have seen an explosion of infections recently. You will not see the effects of what I am going to explain to you have happen yet.

If you get sick.. Stay the hell away from a hospital. you will notice a trend. 100%.0 mortality + low case count = everyone has a bed at the hospital.
low mortality rate + high case count = not everyone has a bed at the hospital and are being told to go home. These are the people that are surviving. The people that get a bed in the hospital end up dying. I do not believe that people are dying directly from covid-19. I believe that covid-19 tears up the lungs and immune system something horrid. The while in an extremely diminished capacity the patient gets some other bug (because hospitals are so clean and sterile, NOT) and that puts them over the edge. When a person is Ill and stays confined to their home they are not introduced to anything.

My Suggestion is unless you require a respirator stay the hell away form the hospitals. Being tested is not going to cure you. so who gives a shit about knowing if you have the virus or not. You are sick. STAY HOME!.

Code: Select all

0. New Jersey   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 22255     Total Deaths: 355      Active Cases: 21900    Population Density: 1218mi2 (2)   Obese: 27.3% (41)
1. Florida   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 7773     Total Deaths: 101      Active Cases: 7672    Population Density: 378mi2 (9)   Obese: 28.4% (35)
2. Louisiana   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 6424     Total Deaths: 273      Active Cases: 6151    Population Density: 108mi2 (24)   Obese: 36.2% (6)
3. Georgia   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 4748     Total Deaths: 154      Active Cases: 4594    Population Density: 177mi2 (18)   Obese: 31.6% (24)
4. Connecticut   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 3557     Total Deaths: 85      Active Cases: 3472    Population Density: 741mi2 (5)   Obese: 26.9% (42)
5. Colorado   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 3342     Total Deaths: 80      Active Cases: 3262    Population Density: 52mi2 (38)   Obese: 22.6% (51)
6. Indiana   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 2565     Total Deaths: 65      Active Cases: 2500    Population Density: 184mi2 (17)   Obese: 33.6% (12)
7. Ohio   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 2547     Total Deaths: 65      Active Cases: 2482    Population Density: 284mi2 (11)   Obese: 33.8% (11)
8. South Carolina   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 1293     Total Deaths: 26      Active Cases: 1267    Population Density: 162mi2 (20)   Obese: 34.1% (10)
9. Nevada   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 1279     Total Deaths: 26      Active Cases: 1253    Population Density: 26mi2 (43)   Obese: 26.7% (43)
10. Alabama   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 1084     Total Deaths: 28      Active Cases: 1056    Population Density: 95mi2 (28)   Obese: 36.3% (5)
11. Mississippi   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 1073     Total Deaths: 22      Active Cases: 1051    Population Density: 63mi2 (33)   Obese: 37.3% (2)
12. Utah   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 1012     Total Deaths: 7      Active Cases: 1005    Population Density: 36mi2 (41)   Obese: 25.3% (47)
13. Oregon   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 736     Total Deaths: 19      Active Cases: 717    Population Density: 41mi2 (40)   Obese: 29.4% (31)
14. Idaho   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 673     Total Deaths: 9      Active Cases: 664    Population Density: 20mi2 (45)   Obese: 29.3% (32)
15. Rhode Island   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 566     Total Deaths: 10      Active Cases: 556    Population Density: 1021mi2 (3)   Obese: 30.0% (29)
16. Kansas   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 482     Total Deaths: 10      Active Cases: 472    Population Density: 36mi2 (42)   Obese: 32.4% (18)
17. New Mexico   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 363     Total Deaths: 6      Active Cases: 357    Population Density: 17mi2 (46)   Obese: 28.4% (37)
18. Vermont   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 321     Total Deaths: 16      Active Cases: 305    Population Density: 67mi2 (32)   Obese: 27.6% (40)
19. Montana   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 217     Total Deaths: 6      Active Cases: 211    Population Density: 7mi2 (49)   Obese: 25.3% (46)
20. Nebraska   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 210     Total Deaths: 4      Active Cases: 206    Population Density: 24mi2 (44)   Obese: 32.8% (15)
21. West Virginia   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 191     Total Deaths: 2      Active Cases: 189    Population Density: 76mi2 (30)   Obese: 38.1% (1)
22. Alaska   Mortality Rate:100.0%    Total Cases: 133     Total Deaths: 3      Active Cases: 130    Population Density: 1mi2 (51)   Obese: 34.2% (9)
23. Illinois   Mortality Rate:98.6%    Total Cases: 6980     Total Deaths: 141      Active Cases: 6837    Population Density: 231mi2 (13)   Obese: 31.1% (27)
24. Michigan   Mortality Rate:98.54%    Total Cases: 9334     Total Deaths: 337      Active Cases: 8992    Population Density: 175mi2 (19)   Obese: 32.3% (19)
25. Oklahoma   Mortality Rate:96.77%    Total Cases: 719     Total Deaths: 30      Active Cases: 688    Population Density: 57mi2 (36)   Obese: 36.5% (3)
26. Virginia   Mortality Rate:94.44%    Total Cases: 1484     Total Deaths: 34      Active Cases: 1448    Population Density: 212mi2 (15)   Obese: 30.1% (28)
27. Wisconsin   Mortality Rate:92.59%    Total Cases: 1550     Total Deaths: 25      Active Cases: 1523    Population Density: 106mi2 (26)   Obese: 32.0% (21)
28. Massachusetts   Mortality Rate:92.42%    Total Cases: 7738     Total Deaths: 122      Active Cases: 7606    Population Density: 871mi2 (4)   Obese: 25.9% (44)
29. Arizona   Mortality Rate:90.63%    Total Cases: 1413     Total Deaths: 29      Active Cases: 1381    Population Density: 60mi2 (34)   Obese: 29.5% (30)
30. Missouri   Mortality Rate:90.0%    Total Cases: 1581     Total Deaths: 18      Active Cases: 1561    Population Density: 88mi2 (29)   Obese: 32.5% (17)
31. North Carolina   Mortality Rate:66.67%    Total Cases: 1584     Total Deaths: 10      Active Cases: 1569    Population Density: 206mi2 (16)   Obese: 32.1% (20)
32. Pennsylvania   Mortality Rate:66.07%    Total Cases: 5805     Total Deaths: 74      Active Cases: 5693    Population Density: 286mi2 (10)   Obese: 31.6% (25)
33. Texas   Mortality Rate:35.93%    Total Cases: 4068     Total Deaths: 60      Active Cases: 3901    Population Density: 105mi2 (27)   Obese: 33.0% (14)
34. Iowa   Mortality Rate:33.33%    Total Cases: 549     Total Deaths: 9      Active Cases: 522    Population Density: 55mi2 (37)   Obese: 36.4% (4)
35. Maryland   Mortality Rate:31.0%    Total Cases: 1985     Total Deaths: 31      Active Cases: 1885    Population Density: 618mi2 (6)   Obese: 31.3% (26)
36. Washington   Mortality Rate:30.75%    Total Cases: 5844     Total Deaths: 250      Active Cases: 5031    Population Density: 107mi2 (25)   Obese: 27.7% (39)
37. New York   Mortality Rate:26.54%    Total Cases: 83901     Total Deaths: 2219      Active Cases: 75540    Population Density: 420mi2 (8)   Obese: 25.7% (45)
38. Kentucky   Mortality Rate:23.81%    Total Cases: 680     Total Deaths: 20      Active Cases: 596    Population Density: 112mi2 (23)   Obese: 34.3% (8)
39. California   Mortality Rate:19.58%    Total Cases: 9640     Total Deaths: 207      Active Cases: 8583    Population Density: 251mi2 (12)   Obese: 25.1% (48)
40. Arkansas   Mortality Rate:19.23%    Total Cases: 584     Total Deaths: 10      Active Cases: 532    Population Density: 57mi2 (35)   Obese: 35.0% (7)
41. Delaware   Mortality Rate:18.33%    Total Cases: 368     Total Deaths: 11      Active Cases: 308    Population Density: 485mi2 (7)   Obese: 31.8% (23)
42. Tennessee   Mortality Rate:15.43%    Total Cases: 2683     Total Deaths: 25      Active Cases: 2521    Population Density: 160mi2 (21)   Obese: 32.8% (16)
43. North Dakota   Mortality Rate:8.11%    Total Cases: 142     Total Deaths: 3      Active Cases: 105    Population Density: 10mi2 (48)   Obese: 33.2% (13)
44. Maine   Mortality Rate:8.05%    Total Cases: 344     Total Deaths: 7      Active Cases: 257    Population Density: 43mi2 (39)   Obese: 29.1% (33)
45. District Of Columbia   Mortality Rate:7.19%    Total Cases: 586     Total Deaths: 11      Active Cases: 433    Population Density: 11011mi2 (1)   Obese: 23.0% (50)
46. New Hampshire   Mortality Rate:6.67%    Total Cases: 415     Total Deaths: 4      Active Cases: 355    Population Density: 148mi2 (22)   Obese: 28.1% (38)
47. Minnesota   Mortality Rate:5.57%    Total Cases: 689     Total Deaths: 17      Active Cases: 384    Population Density: 68mi2 (31)   Obese: 28.4% (36)
48. South Dakota   Mortality Rate:3.77%    Total Cases: 129     Total Deaths: 2      Active Cases: 76    Population Density: 11mi2 (47)   Obese: 31.9% (22)
49. Hawaii   Mortality Rate:1.69%    Total Cases: 258     Total Deaths: 1      Active Cases: 199    Population Density: 222mi2 (14)   Obese: 23.8% (49)
50. Wyoming   Mortality Rate:0.0%    Total Cases: 137     Total Deaths: 0      Active Cases: 111    Population Density: 6mi2 (50)   Obese: 28.8% (34)
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