More cool stuff you can do with SageTV using EventGhost!

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More cool stuff you can do with SageTV using EventGhost!

Post by CollinR » Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:53 pm

I have started a little project st Sage that is more like an EventGhost plugin for SageTV then SageTV plugin for EventGhost.

It's called the on screen remote and it does what it says. :D

Multiple remotes are supported.
It is configured with an easy to edit text file.
It can be used with anything with a command line interface.

Click for thread and download

I use this to control my DVD changer, EventGhost has been handling those duties via USBUIRT for quite some time. This is just another interface to get your commands through.

I use the network functions in EventGhost (-n PASS EVENT.NAME) to avoid issues with commands coming from both server and extenders.

So far so good but I have no skills with SageTV Studio either so improving and modifing whats on the screen will take time.

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