PS3 remote new Action that may help

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PS3 remote new Action that may help

Post by zzecool » Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:19 pm

I was playing with the remote when setting up my XBMC config ... one friend asked me if i can set it up as one button doing 2 opperations and i did it .

What i did is that when you press the playstation button (original in my config to start the XBMC) for more than 2 sec it just Close XBMC if it is running , so we got the playstation button to do the double job BUT !!

Playing with this new macro accidentaly i found that if you press and hold the playstation button for about 7 sec the the remote disconnects from the bluetooth dongle ! I dont really know if it does into sniffing mode or into power off mode but if you press any button after it connects again and does the action !

So the point here is if somewho this can be usefull for a coder maybe maybe not , i dont know if you can sniff what ps3 remote does internally and if you can trigger this action by sending a command remotely to the ps3 remote.

May the experts continue :) :shock:

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