Coding help please :)

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Coding help please :)

Post by Livin » Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:49 am

I have all all my code done with ASP (vbscript) but I want to port to python and create a plugin for EG.
I have a few functions I'm hoping some of the python gurus here can help with.

Thx in advance!

1) create an array (or dictionary?) from a query (I have the code to do the query)
- the query will pull in objects, not just text so I need to store all object with properties.
- # and size of objects, and properties, will vary and there can be hundreds of objects.

2) using the above array, populate a wxCombobox

3) display the Combobox on the panel for the user to choose the object needed.

In vbs I do this for #1…
set devices = hs.GetDeviceEnumerator
If IsObject(devices) Then 'checks to ensure it is an object before adding to array
Do While not devices.Finished
Set dev = devices.GetNext
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