Sending IR command to WMC via Python

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Sending IR command to WMC via Python

Post by Krog » Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:52 am

Hi all.

I'm using Windows Media Center 7 together with EventGhost - and I get all the right inputs from my remote control in EG. Right now, I'm emulating keystrokes to make WMC navigate up/down/left/right/skip etc.

Only problem is, that WMC's multitap-service (e.g. when searching for music - the 0-9 buttons on the WMC remote operates as SMS keys) does obviously not work when emulating keypresses - Microsoft's thought is probably that if you have access to a keyboard, why use multitap/SMS? Although fair, I need to do this some way.

One way is to use the multitap plugin, but the OSD part is rather ugly and compared to WMC's own multitap service, it lacks feel. My thought was, that I could use a Python script to communicate directly with WMC's IR driver and e.g. send the "1" button as if it was being pressed on a remote control. I'm not looking to feeding raw IR codes into WMC - but rather input my command AFTER it was normally IR-demodulated and just BEFORE WMC reacts to the input (and thereby maintaining WMC's own multitap-service).

Can anyone help?


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Re: Sending IR command to WMC via Python

Post by stottle » Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:28 am

I don't think (loved to be proved wrong) that this is possible the way you describe. My understanding is that the OS's IR driver connects to the IR receiver and interprets it's signals. Consider it a black box with IR signals as input an keypresses as output. I think SMS is a mode handled internally. By having EG connect instead, you bypass the whole black box. I don't know of any way to insert EG data into the middle of it.


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