New plugin: Egg Taking Control (eggtok)

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New plugin: Egg Taking Control (eggtok)

Post by » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:40 am

For your consideration: initial development of the eggtok plugin is complete. I am having trouble uploading it, so please download it from the website for this plugin:

The eggtok plugin is used to create and play back shareable lists of time-dependent EventGhost actions.

The eggtok plugin reads a timed action list (*.axn.txt) that has been selected by the user. The file is composed of five columns (space delimited) and an unlimited number of rows. Each row outlines two actions to execute (pre- and post-action commands) and the time at which to execute the command. When the scheduled time arrives to execute the action command, eggtok compares the action command to the list of commands found in the eggtok action translation file (*.cft.txt). This file translates the shorthand action command to an EventGhost action.

Eggtok timed action lists can be created by anyone using the timed action list recorder / dynamic editor provided with the eggtok plugin. This enables users to quickly and easily create complex lists of EventGhost actions whose timed execution is precise and repeatable.

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Re: New plugin: Egg Taking Control (eggtok)

Post by Pako » Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:28 am

Very nice idea and realization!
Perhaps too difficult for less savvy users.
Just now I see no use for it, but it's good to know that it exists.
I have several comments:
1) Perhaps it would be good if at the time of execution of individual actions appeared entry in the log EventGhost (need optional)
2) Why can not the whole sequence to start again afterwards (the button Run|Sync remains gray) ?
3) Would also be helpful if the entire sequence can also run in an endless loop
4) It bothers me that the whole sequence is only run manually. I think there should be action as RunActionList or LaunchActionList or so.
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Re: New plugin: Egg Taking Control (eggtok)

Post by » Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:04 am


Thank you very much for your review! Below are my responses:
1) Great idea!
2) Good question. There is a specific reason for this: once the "Run | Sync" button is pressed, a timer is started. This timer does not stop until the "Break" button is pressed. Until the "Break" button is pressed, clicking an action button will add an entry to the end of the timed action list. Therefore, even if two hours have passed by since the last executable entry, the user can always click an action button and add a new entry (time does not matter). This is why they must click "Break" before syncing again.
3) See response to 2).
4) I will look into that idea -- this program was intended to sync with an external clock. If the user doesn't want to sync with an external clock, but just wants to run a timed action list, then I could see why you would want to make it into an action. I will consider that for my next revision. Thank you!

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