Support for Asus 713x TV Tuner remote

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Support for Asus 713x TV Tuner remote

Post by jchennales » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:32 pm

Hi everyone,

I have an Asus 7131 TV Tuner and wanted to use its remote to drive EG and XBMC. I found no plugin for this but I have managed to modify the small program that would emulate keystrokes to now send UDP messages. With this program running and the "Broadcaster" plugin I am able to interface with EG without issues. It should work for any Asus 713x and may work for other similar boards too. It relies on the WDM capture driver that comes with Windows and is basically a signal decoder, not a true driver.
I wanted to share this in case other are looking to use EG with such a remote. If anyone wants to turn this into a real EG plugin please feel free to use the code as a base and I'd be happy to answer questions but I don't know python and didn't really want to dive into that when this works just fine. Inside the zip file is enough material to understand what it does I think.
Anyway, thanks for a great app. Hope it keeps getting better.

Decoder App for Asus 713x to send UDP messages.
(910 KiB) Downloaded 346 times

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