EG Plugin mod for Remote Touch DS (TCP and UDP Listeners)

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EG Plugin mod for Remote Touch DS (TCP and UDP Listeners)

Post by rovaals » Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:59 am

Hi, I have made some customizations to the TCP Listener and the UDP Broadcast/Listener plugins in order to pull back data coming from a homebrew Nintendo DS program called "Remote Touch DS". By putting this .nds file onto a loader device and inserting it into a Nintendo DS you will get an interface that allows you to control you computer's mouse with the DS touchscreen, and to send button presses to the computer as well. The plugins serve to replace the creator's server app so that the events sent from the DS can be used in EG.

This program sends TCP packets for button presses and UDP broadcasts for touch screen data. I have modified the TCP Listener to remove the password/cookie items and added parsing for the commands that each button generates (physical gamepad buttons and some touch screen media keys). In the UDP Broadcasts plugin I removed the Broadcast section, keeping only the listener, and added some parsing for the touch screen position data that comes in. I have kept the existing credits in the files (Thanks Bitmonster and Kingtd for your great plugins) and added my own.

The website of the creator of Remote Touch DS is here. He has given me permission to include the client program (1.4mb unzipped, 500kb zipped) with the plugins, as the download on his site includes a server app that would normally run on your computer. When using the EG Plugin, the server app is not needed.

The attached zip file includes the customized TCP Listener plugin "Remote Touch DS (Buttons)", the customized UDP Listener plugin "Remote Touch DS (Mouse)", the .nds file and a sample xbmc.xml, which provides button mappings for the touch screen to the target computer's mouse and for the media keys to XBMC.

Remote Touch DS Homepage:
Includes customized TCP Listener plugin "Remote Touch DS (Buttons)", customized UDP Listener plugin "Remote Touch DS (Mouse)", the .nds file and a sample xbmc.xml
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Re: EG Plugin mod for Remote Touch DS (TCP and UDP Listeners

Post by bcunty » Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:55 am

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