Global Cache EG support

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Global Cache EG support

Post by vortexrotor » Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:11 am

This is a simple command line utility I wrote to issue commands to a Global Cache GC-100 IR controller.

You can use EG to send pre-defined IR and/or GC Sensor code/commands.

Setup is easy (in EG):

1) Create a folder
2) Create a Macro
|--> Select "Start Program"
3) Then browse to the destination of the gcIRcom.exe (where you
install/unzipped it to.

simpleIRClient -p <protocol> -n <server> -e <endpoint> -m <moduleaddress> -c <connectornumber>


-p protocol - is TCP
-n server - is the string address or name of server
-e endpoint - is the port to listen on
-m module - is the IR module number
-c connector - is the connector on IR module
-g gcircom - is the native GC IR command string to send


TCP,, 4998, 2 and 1 - (You must specify the GC IR command string using the -g)

e.g.: e.g: gcIRcom.exe -p TCP -n -e 4998 -m 4 -c 1 -g 36000,3,1,15,10,6,10,6,22,6,10,6,28,6,16,6,10,6,10,6,10,6,22,6,22,6,16,6,22,6,10,6,10,6,28,6,10,6,3100

On successful completion of the code, the GC-100 will send:


Then terminate.

By: VortexRotor Enjoy!

The utility is rock solid and a readme is included in the zip file.

As time permits, I will wrap it into a plugin for future release for EG.

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Re: Global Cache EG support

Post by jstplyn331 » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:55 pm

Just trying to understand I have everything down you have said Start Application then in the command line I posted what you said and after that I am curious as were to send out the IR command or were to input it to send out the IR command if you have a few minutes to explain i would great fully appreciate it. Thanks

Also I guess what I am trying to send is a Pronto CCF IR command thanks

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