PeakMeter values from

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PeakMeter values from

Post by ShelleyJohnson » Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:42 pm

I want to get the peakmeter values from the Windows volume mixer for whatever sound is coming out of my speakers. I'm using (which is/was part of EventGhost) to get master volume levels, I'd like to tack a few lines on and get the peakmeter values too.

I've added the code below, which is based on the GetMasterVolume() found in mirrors what's supposed to happen for the peakmeter which in turn looks like the GetMasterVolume() process in SoundMixer.

My problem is
rc = mixerGetLineControls(hmixer, byref(mxlc), MIXER_GETLINECONTROLSF_ONEBYTYPE)
def GetPeakControl(hmixer, componentType, ctrlType)
returns error code 1025, which I don't know what it means (msdn shows the strings not the codes), and if I did I'm not sure I'd understand what to fix. Anyone know what I've did wrong?


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# ---------------------------------    
def GetPeakLevel():
    hmixer = HMIXER()
    volCtrl = MIXERCONTROL()
    # Obtain the hmixer struct
    err = mixerOpen(byref(hmixer), 0, 0, 0, 0)
    #print err
    if err != 0:
        return None

    # get peak meter control
    peakCtrl = GetPeakControl(hmixer, MIXERLINE_COMPONENTTYPE_SRC_WAVEOUT, 
    if peakCtrl is None:
        print 'None: step 1'
        return None
    print 'OK: step 1'
    # Then get the volume
    vol = GetPeakVolumeValue(hmixer, volCtrl)
    #max = volCtrl.Bounds.lBounds.lMaximum
    #min = volCtrl.Bounds.lBounds.lMinimum
    #vol = 100.0 * (vol - min) / (max - min)
    return vol
def GetPeakControl(hmixer, componentType, ctrlType):
    '''Obtains an appropriate pointer and info for the volume control
       This function attempts to obtain a mixer control. Returns True if successful.'''
    mxl = MIXERLINE()
    mxc = MIXERCONTROL()

    mxl.cbStruct = sizeof(mxl)
    mxl.dwComponentType = componentType

    # Obtain a line corresponding to the component type
    rc = mixerGetLineInfo(hmixer, byref(mxl), MIXER_GETLINEINFOF_COMPONENTTYPE)
    print str(rc) + ' step2 rc1'
    if (MMSYSERR_NOERROR == rc):
        mxlc.cbStruct = sizeof(mxlc)
        mxlc.dwLineID = mxl.dwLineID
        mxlc.dwControl.Type = ctrlType
        mxlc.cControls = 1
        mxlc.cbmxctrl = sizeof(mxc)

        # Allocate a buffer for the control
        mxlc.pamxctrl = pointer(mxc)
        mxc.cbStruct = sizeof(mxc)

        # Get the control
        rc = mixerGetLineControls(hmixer, byref(mxlc), MIXER_GETLINECONTROLSF_ONEBYTYPE)
        print str(rc) + ' step2 rc2'
        if (MMSYSERR_NOERROR == rc):
            return mxc

    return None
def GetPeakVolumeValue(hmixer, mxc):

    mxcd.item = 0
    mxcd.dwControlID = mxc.dwControlID
    mxcd.cbStruct = sizeof(mxcd)
    mxcd.cbDetails = sizeof(vol)

    #' Allocate a buffer for the control value buffer
    mxcd.paDetails = addressof(vol)
    mxcd.cChannels = 1
    #vol.dwValue = volume

    #' Get the control value
    #err = mixerGetControlDetails(hmixer, byref(mxcd), 0)
    err = mixerGetControlDetails(hmixer, byref(mxcd), MIXER_GETCONTROLDETAILSF_VALUE)

    if err != MMSYSERR_NOERROR:
        return None
    return vol.dwValue
I just realized I'm using an older version of from SourceForge, this should still work though (I think? Well when what's wrong is fixed).

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Re: PeakMeter values from

Post by stottle » Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:20 pm

If you import FormatError (from eg.WinApi.Dynamic import FormatError), then you can print a human readable error message instead of just the number.

So where it has

Code: Select all

print str(rc) + " step2 rc2"
add the following:

Code: Select all

from eg.WinApi.Dynamic import FormatError
print "Error = " + FormatError()
That should make searching for the problem easier. This is a Windows error message, not an eg message, so Google may be your best bet once you get the error string.

Good luck,

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Re: PeakMeter values from

Post by ShelleyJohnson » Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:10 pm

Error = <no description>

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