EventGhost SDK

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EventGhost SDK

Post by kgschlosser » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:51 pm

This is a couple of files that you can add to EventGhost that will expand and IDE's "vision" into EventGhost. It will fix most unresolved errors, enable the use of AutoComplete from inside of the IDE. it should also display most variables that need to be passed as well as docstrings.

This does not add plugins only the EG core.

This can be done one of 2 ways. You can either make a copy of the c:\program files (x86)\EventGhost\eg folder and put it into the site packages folder of your python installation. or you can add c:\program files (x86)\EventGhost to your project as a sources root.

You will need to place these 2 files into the eg folder. overwriting the __init__.py.

This does not in any way stop eg from functioning and it also does not allow eg to run from inside of your IDE or from a python interpreter. It is simply going to make your IDE become a whole lot easier to develop in when coding for EventGhost.

I personally like adding the eg folder to site-packages because you do not have to remember each and every time you make a new project to add it to the sources root. But it is your call.

This is only going to work for EG 0.5 rc4 or newer!!!

for full compatibility you will need to install the following libraries/modules into your python installation

here is the list of modules you will need to add to your PyCharm to have all of the stock installed ones in EG

wxPython (version 3.0.2)

and you will also need to sopy these 3 files from the lib27\site-packages folder in EG to the site-packages folder in your python installation
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